Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm breaking my rules

And posting from work. Because it is slow and Saturday and I shouldn't be here.

Yesterday was my day off. SkyWalker and I went for a little walk outside. He insisted we go even though I told him it was cold. I don't like leaving the house past August. Anyway, we're walking in the dogs' yard and he says "What's that?" and points to the bush that he's seen a million times and I say "It's a bush" and then I see it--a snake!! AAAH! It was dead and folded up in a rather odd way. At first I thought for sure the dogs must have done it, but now I don't know. They sniffed at it but they weren't playing with it like they knew it was there. So I'm starting to think it was a surprise to them too. Anyway, I wanted to immediately go inside, but SkyWalker would have none of that. I got him to leave the dogs' yard but then he wanted to go right back there. Not only was it wet and muddy and cold, there was a dead snake there! Ew. I hate snakes. With a passion. Total irrational fear. As soon as Vader came home I told him he had to deal with it. He went outside, picked it up and we watched him walk to the very back of the yard, to the woods, and fling it. Gross.

My brother and his friend are here finishing the roof. My mom and sister-in-law are also visiting. Right now they are playing with SkyWalker, while I am here to let people sign up for computers. Actually he might be napping by now, but still. There's a party at my house and I'm not there.

I need to figure out how to link to other people's voxs in the body of a post. Like LJ. Anyway, jewjewbee has decided to stay and not take the job at the other library. Not that I wrote about that here, but there's an update for ya anyway. She called me at home yesterday to tell me the good news.

She was the 3rd person to call me yesterday. Which is more than I usually get. And unfortunately all phone calls were during nap time. I put SkyWalker down at 12:30ish, he started whining and complaining but was out by 12:40. I was in bed by 12:40. Trying to fall asleep, the phone rings. I can't let it go because multiple rings might wake up SkyWalker and in order for *me* to nap he needs to nap. So I jump and get it. Vader telling me we're exempt from our weekly dinner with the in-laws that night. I lay back down. Try to relax. 1 ish p.m., phone rings. BestFriend having a bad day just wanted to talk. Hang up, lay down, fall asleep. I know I was asleep because instead of taking care of SkyWalker I was taking care of BestFriend's Baby and he had somehow gotten stuck in a bed, with his head on top of the matress and his body underneath. Weird. Phone rings. 2:30, jewjewbee with good news. I lay back down. 2:55 "Mommy!"

It is 1 pm and I'm trying to delay lunch until later so then I have less time here after lunch. And I'm still freezing.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Poop! on the Potty!

every night before bathtime we put skywalker on the potty. last night i did it and was just about to tell him if he could sit still i'd read him a book (to get him to stop whining) when he started crying and i decided i better pick him up and then i noticed why he was crying! poop! from his heiney! falling in the toilet! it was a total fluke but still! there was poop! so we flushed together and said "bye-bye poop!" well, i said "poop" he said "pee". whatever.


typing one-handed since he is sitting on my lap and i am on a stool so i have to hold him in.

oh crap! we have to leave in 15 minutes! i always forget how early i have to leave!

There are entirely too many exclamation points in this post.

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Friday, September 15, 2006


I'm making cupcakes for tomorrow's non-birthday party (pretty sure I'll have extra to take to work on Monday. Who can eat 48 cupcakes?) and remembering what I was doing 2 years ago. I was celebrating my release from the hospital by laying on the couch and being afraid to pee (because I knew I was still bleeding and didn't want to see it). Little did I know the very next day I would be sent right back to the damn hospital. Only I wouldn't be coming home alone.

SkyWalker has changed my life in so many ways. He's made me a better person. He's made me happier (which is pretty frickin' sad because I don't think anyone would consider me happy...). He's my reason. My reason for everything.

At least I won't be spending this weekend bleeding to death. Well, actually I might be, but 2 years ago I really thought I was bleeding to death. After the delivery when the blood just wouldn't stop I was honestly afraid to go to sleep because I thought if I did I wouldn't wake up, and if I could make myself stay awake then I wouldn't die.

I'm totally serious.

I'm also feeling a little nostalgic and sad over a part of my life that's ending. I'm weaning myself off a former addiction, something I should have done long ago, but for whatever reason I tried to hold on to it. I haven't cut all ties yet, but I'm pretty damn close.

And that is all I'll say about that.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Stewie loves Lois

While I don't think SkyWalker has ever contemplated my death, last night's Family Guy was amazingly similiar to what's going on right now. SkyWalker used to be so independent and now all of a sudden he's clinging to me and grabbing my hand to pull me wherever he wants to go, or grabbing my clothing to pull me. He cried this morning when I left him at daycare and it was this pitiful sad please don't leave me cry. I'll take bratty pain in the ass crying over that any day. Anywho, on Family Guy last night Stewie decided he loved Lois because she fixed his teddy bear and he turned into this needy clingy baby. One scene had me hysterical--Stewie is screaming for her "Lois Lois Lois Lois Mommy Mommy Mommy Momma Mom Mom Mom Mom Mama Mama Mama Mama Ma Ma Ma" until finally she says "WHAT!" and he says "hi" and runs off. Hilarious.

News on the neighbor front-- I called yesterday when I got back from LI. We have a play date set up for this Saturday. Saturday will be a busy day as I am also having a non-birthday party for SkyWalker later that day. We'll spend his actual birthday (Sunday) alone. Which is exactly how I want it. And it's all about me anyway.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006


When Vader brought the mail in today, guess what was in it? An envelope with my name on it, and the return address of the neighbor, "K". She left a nice note thanking me for the muffins and saying it was nice to meet me and maybe the boys can meet to play soon (her underline) and included her phone number and the words call me (also her underline). HA! We'll be away this weekend, so I'm not sure if I should call and say we'll be away or just wait until we can meet up. I don't want to make her squirm,  but I don't want to appear too desperate either...  Would tomorrow be too soon to call?  Just to say, "hey got your note, we'll be out of town but we'll be available whenever blah blah".


I feel like doing a little dance. I'm making a friend, all on my own, without anyone else as a go-between which is usually how I make my friends. Yay for me finally being an adult!

I feel a little bit like I'm cheating on my best friend, but she encouraged me to do this and well, if it were not for the extreme likelihood of her husband finally convincing her to move to some other place with a "music scene", I probably would not be doing this at all. And I'm not looking for a best friend-confidante. I have one of those. I'm looking for friends for my kid and someone who lives down the block who doesn't mind my company. That's not cheating right?

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Monday, September 4, 2006

A week is just not enough

We go back to work tomorrow. :-( After a week and a couple of days of being home, I could definitely do this on a full time basis. I left my house ONCE, no, that's not true, my sister came to visit and we went out to dinner yesterday. So I left my house TWICE in all that time (not including the walk to the neighbors). It was divine.

The downside is that young SkyWalker and I have grown quite attached to each other. I'm actually "Mommy"  sometimes instead of the usual "Mama!". Aside from his reluctance to nap (solved by leaving him crying for 10 minutes), it's been a lovely week. I'm not sure who will have a harder day tomorrow--him at daycare or me at work. Sadly I think it will be the latter.

Luckily it's only a 3 day week. My brother is getting married Saturday so we're leaving on Friday. Hopefully it'll be a nice weekend.

I really need to win that damn lottery I never play.

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