Saturday, October 28, 2006

Breaking the rules again

My personal rule is that I will read Vox while at work, but not post. Reading can be work-related if I'm reading authors. Posting is not. But today, today is Saturday, a rainy rainy Saturday and there is NO ONE in the children's room and I do not feel well but I am here anyway, so I am breaking my rules.

Isaac will be just fine. The results for the cyst came back and it was benign and I think the vet said something about getting it all so it shouldn't grow back. Yay! He and Haze have been acting completely normal.

I am eating grapes at the desk. I might as well break as many rules at once as I can.

I understand that Vox is in beta or whatever and constantly tweaking but it seems like everytime I log in it's totally different and I have to search for my damn friends page. Or neighborhood page, whatever.

SkyWalker peed on the potty the other night. Can't really say "in" the potty. But he was sitting on it and mostly got his legs and probably me. Totally freaked him out. He cried and cried. I took him off, he flushed and was happy. I put him in the tub and he's crying and crying. Wants to sit back on the potty. So I put his wet heiney on the potty. Cries and cries. Wants to get off. Put him back in the tub. Pees in the tub, but cries while doing it. I think he knew he had more pee, and wanted to do it on the potty, but was scared when he got on the potty and then was upset when he peed in the tub. I don't think he'll ever be potty-trained. I'll be changing his diapers when he's 30.

I finally watched Lost last night. Vader is too "busy" Wednesday night to watch it, so we DVR it and watch it together later. Which is funny because last year Veronica Mars was on at the same time and I had to record Lost and I was looking forward to this year when I wouldn't have to. Oh well. But because I'm watching it later, I'm missing out on all the discussions. Everybody talks about it on Thursday, nobody cares on Saturday.

It is raining. Bad. There is no way I would take my toddler out in this. I bet someone brings a newborn here today.

I am tired. And seriously thinking about playing the lottery. I need to win me some money fast.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Surgery update

Looks like Isaac will be okay--the surgery went alright. The vet is NOT concerned about the WBC, if it was cancer it would be much higher so it's most likely just an infection from eating his own poop. Which he totally deserves because he's been burping his poop-burps in my face and it's frickin disgusting. Anyway, they will do the analysis on the cyst because the vet didn't know what the hell it was from looking at it. It'll take a week for the results and I'm sure it will be a long week, but I feel a little more positive now.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

I needed this now, thanks

Isaac is having a cyst removed from his ear tomorrow. He had to have blood work to make sure his kidneys could handle the surgery since he's had prednisone for his allergies. The blood work came back okay for his kidneys but also showed an elevated level of white blood cells. We were originally not going to have the cyst checked out because the vet said the odds of cancer were low, but why else would his white blood cell count be up? So I think we'll probably have it analyzed now.

I don't need this.

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Empty Nest

I have just gotten home from work. There is a rainbow outside and it is lovely and I raced inside the house to share it with SkyWalker and he isn't here.

There is a note from my husband saying that they are at the mall and will be back at 6. 6? I get home at 5:30. Now, while I understand that many of my friends would be thrilled to come home to a childless house and have "free time", I am not my friends. I am not thrilled. I am annoyed beyond belief that he couldn't time it so he could be home when I got home. I am not supposed to be here without SkyWalker.

What's worse is that I know my husband has no sense of time. He's constantly late. Constantly. It is wicked annoying. So he will probably not be here at 6. And not even consider when SkyWalker has to have dinner and go to bed. And that's even less time that I will have with him.

I am going to lay on the couch and read a book and not even think about making dinner. I hope Vader is starving when he gets home. And then he'll have to wait even longer. Ha!

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