Monday, February 6, 2012

5 year olds should not have brain tumors

Each time one of my kids has had surgery I've always had a moment of fear that something would go wrong. More so with the Princess's surgeries because they were longer and more complicated. Things go wrong with anesthesia, surgeons cut things they're not supposed to, any number of things can happen. Naturally as a parent you wonder if it will happen to your child and each time I did have those moments picturing the worst news. But the surgeon would come out with a smile and everything would be okay.

One local family is not so lucky. I'm not very close friends with them, but my daughter has played with this little girl at birthday parties and the mom has always been nice and friendly every time I've seen her. This poor little girl, 5 years old, a wee bit older than my Princess, has a tumor in her brain stem. Inoperable. There is nothing they can do. Nothing these parents can do to save their little girl. I do not know them well, but my heart breaks for them. I cannot imagine the pain, the sorrow, the heartbreak of no hope.

They are raising money to help with her last days. If you can spare anything, anything at all, please consider donating:

If you are local to the Capital District, please take a trip to PolkaDots Consignment Shop today February 6, 9-6 and tomorrow February 7, 9-2. All sales will benefit the Musto family.