Thursday, December 27, 2007

The "How I spent my Christmas" post

Let's go back to Friday. I think it was Friday. SkyWalker and I decided to make snow globes out of baby food jars. Here are my mistakes:

1. I decided to make snow globes out of baby food jars.
2. I used oil.
3. I ran out of baby oil and topped them off with canola.
4. I let SkyWalker do the glitter.


They did not come out well. He had fun though and that's what counts right? But he used all the glitter, literally ALL of it, so I can't make any good ones myself.

Sunday was Family Breakfast day and as I went to get SkyWalker's morning mug... I dropped it and it broke. It just chipped the top and if it was mine I would still use it, but not for a 3 year old. This is the SECOND morning mug that I broke. I just wanted to cry. At least this time I have the certificate so I can get a new one for half price, plus shipping. You know I'm going to order the damn cereal bowls to go along with his morning mug now... I can't not get him a new one, because he loves it (it has his name on it) and because his sister has one too. I have to prove that it's broken in order to get a new one 1/2 price. More work for me to do.

Then I made chicken parmesan for dinner and forgot to fry the chicken first. I just kept it in the oven longer and it was "okay". But still.

We made sugar cookies together. I should have learned from the glitter but I didn't. SkyWalker did the sugar crystals. They were COVERED with sugar. Apparently it's hereditary though because when Vader saw them he said "Oooh, just the way I like them" and ate about 10 in 2 minutes before I could stop him. SkyWalker ate the cookie dough and the sugar crystals but insisted he didn't like the cookies. Then they both went in the living room and beat the crap out of the spongebob punching bag-thing. Then Vader fell asleep on the couch.

We decorated the tree on Monday. I broke an ornament. One of the ones from Hawaii. I fixed it with my glue gun, but still.

I had wanted to eat at 3 on Christmas but we went to the in-laws and stayed too long and wound up not eating until 4:30. I made turkey lasagna. My dishwasher is not working. I had/have to hand-wash everything. Good times. Sears will be coming on  January 11 to look at it. January 11. Gah!

Christmas itself was good. It was the first year that SkyWalker was *really* excited. And whenever he is happy and excited so is the Princess. And then, so are we. And that's what it's all about right?

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


SkyWalker and I had an interesting snack time conversation about the shadows in his room. He's mentioned shadows before and not liking them and that he "does this to them" (closes one eye real tight and grimaces). It's kinda weird. He also mentioned monsters today and that was a first. He seems to know that there are no monsters but he really doesn't like the shadows. He turns the light on and then they go away. I wonder if this is why he's been up every night for as long as I can remember now. Vader goes up, he pees, goes back to sleep no problem, but it's still a pain in the neck.

I went to Burger King with a friend after work on Tuesday. It was so nice to not be there with a diaper bag. Not that the kids and I ever go in... It was nice to just sit and talk again. Unfortunately it was after 10 pm. But good times nonetheless.

I don't think FIL has much more time left. He's really not doing well. Vader mentioned the word "funeral" last night and what we're going to do with the kids and that was the first time he's even talked about that... although I've been thinking about it for months now. Have I mentioned how much it sucks to be so alone here?

We still have to get our Christmas tree. Vader is going on Saturday. I would prefer to wait until Christmas Eve but that just doesn't happen around here with so many people who get theirs at Thanksgiving (damn them all!). We need to plant 30 in our yard and then just cut them down ourselves and be all set for the next 30 years.

Good times.

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Little of this, little of that

The Princess had her ultrasound last Tuesday. It was a good thing I took the night off from work. Our appt was at 3:30 but we weren't seen until after 4. We didn't get home until after 5:30! The surgeon was amazed by how well she's doing. She's still on amoxicillin for another 6 weeks *groan* but then she's off. Her next ultrasound is in March and hopefully he will tell us that she will never need amoxicillin again!

We had our first big snowstorm. She did not go outside at all but watched from the window. SkyWalker and I decided to hang up our Christmas lights during the snow on Thursday. Then we went out and played yesterday. I pulled him in the sled and nearly broke my back. We're supposed to be getting a lot more tomorrow. I'm hoping the library will be smart and not even open and I can spend the day at home watching Vader pull SkyWalker on the sled as I sip hot chocolate and read a book (yes I'm dreaming).

My sister was supposed to close on her house yesterday. I'm assuming she did... she won't move in until after Christmas because they're going to do some work. My brother and sister-in-law did the same thing. We started moving in the day we closed. Were we stupid? We sure as hell don't have the time to fix things now. We did redo our bedroom--put in wood floors and painted--but that was it. Granted we were paying rent and needed to get out of an apartment. But still... I LOVE my house. Everyone knows how much I love my house. But there's so much to do. I hate wallpaper. There's wallpaper in the living room going up the stairs, all over the kitchen, and in the bathroom. We'd need to rip that all off and paint. I hate the tiles in our bathroom and would love to have bigger tiles that would be easier to clean. And while I'm dreaming... I would love to convert our garage into a new living room, make our living room a playroom, and build a new garage that would really be a 2 car instead of a 1 1/2 like it is now. And maybe convert the attic into another room because I don't know what we'll do if we have 3 kids the same gender. I suppose we could convert our office downstairs into another room. But we don't have the time or the skills to do anything ourselves and we don't have the money to pay people. Or help from anyone else. Maybe someday we'll have more money and can actually do what we'd like. I'm tempted to tell SkyWalker to rip the wallpaper off so we'd be forced to replace it....

I went to the Christmas Tree Shop to get an apple peeler that one of my friends has. I turned right around and walked out of the store. What was I thinking going to to the CHRISTMAS Tree Shop in DECEMBER? I'll have to wait until the holidays are over. I really wanted that damn apple peeler though. I think SkyWalker can use it himself and it would make things easier. He likes his apples peeled and sliced and this does both. I also want to get to JoAnn's and buy a Christmas village. The little ones--5 inches--are cheap. And they have a library building this year. Maybe after soccer on Friday.

I'm not drinking enough water. It's so hard in the winter. I had another headache the other morning that was turning into a migraine and I'm pretty sure it's from not having enough water and having too much caffeine (even decaf tea has caffeine). I think my "supply" is also going down, partly from the Princess eating SO MUCH food, but also from not having enough water. I'm going to have to force myself to drink water everyday. And then a cup of hot chocolate to warm up.

Pumping break is over.... back to "work."

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

QotD: En Route

What is your daily commute like?  What is the weirdest thing you've seen on that commute? 
Submitted by E

First I pass the guest bathroom, then the couch and then I have to travel up the stairs. The weirdest thing I've seen would be a living room already straightened up--when *I* haven't done it. Doesn't happen too often... 


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Monday, December 10, 2007


What do you call it when an agnostic/atheist starts doubting her beliefs? Would that still be a crisis of faith? ;-)

I made my communion and went to religion for as long as I was forced to (not long) but I was never a "true believer" and have been agnostic for as long as I can really remember. But now... I find myself needing something more. Perhaps it's being a mother, perhaps it's my husband losing his father and not knowing what to say to my son. Perhaps it's just getting older and realizing my own mortality. In any event, when I lay awake at night unable to sleep because I am having yet another panic episode in which I realize that I will one day die and I am so terrified that I will die in my sleep that I just don't let myself fall asleep, I would really like to be able to believe in *something*.

I know I don't believe in any man-made church and I don't believe in religion and its rules. But maybe I don't have to. Maybe I can believe in some higher power, something responsible for all of us, who will accept everyone with open arms, regardless of religion or faith. Something greater than we are. *Something*.  

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

One more thing

Because so many of you first started reading about this on my LJ, I feel the need to update you all here (since I never remember to even log in over there anymore!). FIL is officially on hospice. He is not getting any active treatment for the cancer. He is continuing the fluids that he has been receiving, which is good. If he were to stop the fluids he would be dead in a couple of weeks. He only has one functioning kidney and he just can't keep up with all of the drinking to keep himself hydrated and flush his system... Since he is continuing the fluids he will just get weaker and weaker until his heart eventually gives out. I would not be surprised if he decides after Christmas to stop the fluids, but I could be wrong. They can't say how long it will take but I think months rather than years is likely. He's on pain medication now which seems to be helping a little bit. The important thing is that there is a nurse there everyday and one always on call so MIL will never have to decide if he should go to the hospital or not. She just calls the nurse and the nurse comes and decides. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts over the years... especially the academy (you know who you are).

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I think I mentioned the Princess was being weaned from her swaddle last week. After a week of 30-45 min naps I said "Screw that, yo" and promptly swaddled her back up and enjoyed 1 1/2 hour naps. I think the 2 hour naps of the past are gone just because she's older. Today did not go as well because... well... I overslept this morning. I started her out late and put her down for a nap at the same time and she is so clearly a textbook baby--if she needs 2 1/2 hours of activity time before a nap and she only gets 2 hours she will not nap longer than 45 mins. So then she was a mess the rest of the day. She's also becoming more aware of the world around her and waking when SkyWalker yells "Yes that's the cup I want" at the top of the stairs. SkyWalker has also not napped the last 2 days,  but he has stayed in his room and had "quiet-as quiet as he can be-time." The Princess is definitely getting older and sometimes I forget to stop and listen to her. She needs more awake time... but she also needs to be swaddled! She's moving SO much now that in the middle of her nap when she naturally stirs at the 45 min mark she wakes herself up and flips over and then she'll never fall back to sleep. She was in the pack n play before I left for work today and she was trying SO hard to get her little heiney in the air so she could crawl. She's been scooting backwards and sitting up (when I put her in that position) and playing with toys and just developing so much lately. I feel like I missed this stage with SkyWalker because I was at work. Sure I was home with him on the weekends, but weekends were full of laundry and chores and *stuff*. I love that I'm home now to witness all the firsts--to see her becoming this little person. And to see SkyWalker turning into a big talking boy who loves to be involved in anything even if it's cleaning the toilet.

Speaking of SkyWalker's talking... yesterday he was wearing just underwear and he pulls his pee-pee out of the side. He's ecstatic at the idea that he can have access without pulling down his underwear. Then he says that he's going to pee like that, like Daddy. Then he says "Daddy has a big pee-pee," shakes his head, "No, Daddy has a big penis." and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Which of course means that he will say it again, probably to his grandmother. Won't that be funny?

Bee and Boogie came for a playdate last week. She nicely ignored the fine layer of dust that covers everything in my house except for the children who move too much for it to settle on them... Boogie played SkyWalker's guitar and did really well and I had to laugh when his experience came from "Guitar Hero." He also recited his address and phone number. As paranoid as we are we have not taught SkyWalker this. He knows his town and state but that's it. We've been trying to rectify that this week. What have we taught him to say? "Bada bing bada boom" "Bababooey" "Prepare for the deluge" (I can't even explain that one).

It's a good thing I had a freezer full of milk... I am definitely pumping less than I used to. As I suspected when the Princess started cereal the stash has been reduced. I don't put anything new in anymore since it all goes to the cereal. So the freezer goes to her bottles when I'm at work. I think I'll be alright for another 6 months though. I think every breastfeeding mom just worries about supply.

Pumping break is over but I can't leave without the cat story... I looked out my back window today and saw something black in one of the trees. I thought it was a couple of birds or maybe a weird looking nest. I got out the binoculars and it was the pain in the ass cat who has been taunting my dogs! It was pretty high up. I kept watching it and waiting for nap time when I would do... I didn't know what. It was there for hours. It must have jumped from tree to tree and wound up on the other side of the yard, still in a tree. I brought the dogs out at naptime (so I can leave right when Vader gets home and not wait for him to take Isaac out like I used to) and the damn cat just walks right down the tree with no problem. I have no idea what it was doing up there for so long if it could get down or if it was just a coincidence that I brought the dogs out and it figured it out... It was the most exciting thing today. SkyWalker and I just watched it wondering what it would do. Good times. 

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