Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Garmin Forerunner 220 review

Not a picture from today. 

I've had the Garmin Forerunner 220 for a while now. I miss my Bia telling me I was a badass for running, but for the most part I love the forerunner. I had a Garmin 305 for a couple of years and the 220 is SO much nicer. Besides it being purple, which is my favorite color these days, it works so much better. My big problem with the 305 was finding the satellite. I would stand at the end of my driveway with my hand held high just in case the extra few inches would make it easier for the satellite to connect (it didn't). I wasted so many minutes (just run you say, who needs a watch you say. I do. I need one). There's none of that satellite malarkey with this version. I think it can remember satellite positions for up to a week if you use it with your iPhone. I do have it linked to my iPhone and I always have my iPhone with me so it finds the satellite easy peasy.

I also love the vibration at each lap. Because I walk 1 minute at the beginning of each mile for my long runs it is super helpful to have that extra reminder that I've finished a lap. I have my laps set to a mile, but when I do an interval run it will vibrate at whatever distance I've chosen. You can program multi step runs (Pyramid Intervals) using Garmin Connect or you can do a generic run/walk interval workout (1/4 mile repeats, etc). 

Because I run with my phone, as soon as I hit save on the watch my run is uploaded to Garmin Connect (which then feeds into MapMyRun). I can see my mile splits, elevation, & cadence (!) through the Garmin Connect app (or website). For a data geek like me, it's super. There's a bit of a translation problem between Garmin & MapMyRun. The mile splits are never the same when they are imported into MMR & sometimes the average pace is just totally wrong. I usually just edit MMR. I don't really care about MMR except that all of my friends are on it. I've stopped using the Everymove app so I don't even really need MMR. Anyway, I digress. I don't really do too much with Garmin Connect but I love having the cadence info! 

I've also been able to wear the watch while using the treadmill. The accuracy has been hit or miss. I still have my footpod I bought to go with the 305 so if I really care I can sync it with the 220. I don't really care that much except I would love to see the cadence info while on the treadmill. I think that I take way more steps on the treadmill and that's one of the reasons why it's so much harder for me. Just a theory.

Another feature dependent on having your iPhone with you is Live Tracking. At the last half marathon I was able to send an email invitation to Vader and he could watch my little blue dot progress on the map. There's an option to also send an invite to Facebook and Twitter, but I'm not sure what that does. I chose Facebook thinking that a link would go out on my timeline, but that did not happen. I don't know if it spammed all my Facebook contacts instead but I haven't heard anything. 

It may not be "beloved" yet, but I do not regret spending the money and buying a new watch at all. I really do like it, love it even, and I think I chose the right one. There was a rebate going on (expires May 31st) so I should be getting $25 back in a couple of months which is even better.

For an actual detailed analysis and review of the watch, check out DC Rainmaker's post.

I bought this with my own money and reviewed it so I can pretend to have things to do.

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Lisa said...

I think this is the one I've settled on. I don't actually have money to BUY one, but I do have a big birthday coming up and I am vaguely hopeful. I am also curious in the Magellan Echo, which basically just repeats what is on your phone app- it is not itself a GPS- which honestly would work just as well for me. And it's cheaper. There is really only ONE feature that I really want, and that's to know my current pace without fumbling with my phone.