Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Before I forget them:

SkyWalker: I'm eating too much because I'm still hungry.
Mommy: You're growing. 
SkyWalker: I not growling like I-ac!
Mommy: No, GROWING. You're getting bigger. Someday you'll be bigger than me.
SkyWalker: You'll get bigger too.
Mommy: Nope. Unless I get fat. Do you think I'll get fat?
SkyWalker: No! Only Daddy get fat.


SkyWalker: Her teeth are coming through! I'm so pressed!
Mommy: What?
SkyWalker: I'm so pressed her teeth are coming through. 
Mommy: oh, IMpressed?
SkyWalker: Yeah, pressed. 

Mommy: groan (for menstrual reasons) while standing awkwardly.
SkyWalker: Just hold it in Mommy!
Mommy: No, it's not pee honey, I don't feel well.
SkyWalker: Awww. Maybe you need some prunes.

We went to the local town park yesterday. They added a huge play area with slides and climbing things and fun stuff for little boys. One of the little boys we met there said "Hi SkyWalker!" and SkyWalker looked at him, turned around and ran away. But I did catch him making smiley faces at a girl. He claims he talked to her. Unfortunately she and her family were not part of our meet-up so I don't know who they were. The Princess did okay but it's clear she's still not at her best. She smiled a little at her friend, but she was really tired and not happy that I woke her up to go in the first place. She didn't cry at all and she did take her medicine and eat her lunch well while we were there but she wasn't her smiley self. We went back today for a picnic lunch after storytime but there was no one else there. I think I'll do that now--instead of being forced into Burger King when we're out I'm going to pack our lunches and we'll find a place to eat. Or just go home and it will be all made already. 

SkyWalker and I played outside at home a bit but I'm having trouble standing right now so I'm letting him watch Curious George and he's letting me sit on the couch. The Princess slept nearly 2 hours, woke up with diarrhea, ate some ritz crackers, and went back to sleep. She's been napping for the last 25 minutes. She barely napped this morning because of storytime and the park though. I got her a sippy cup with a straw and she's doing much better with that than the classic sippy cups. She's doing so much better than last week. But the diarrhea is still horrible. She didn't have this with the daily amoxicillin so I think it's just the augmentin. And probably the mix of all of them in her system last week! She's eating her yogurt (with live cultures) but refuses applesauce. She's never liked bananas either. I'm going to try to give her some rice tonight at dinner. Other than that I might have to start sprinkling acidophilus on her food. I hope she's not still having diarrhea when we're driving to North Carolina at the end of the week. 

I really wanted to be cleaning my house today. I cleaned the kitchen floor yesterday so I didn't have time to do any of the regular stuff. The bathrooms are gross. No matter what I do the guest bathroom (now SkyWalker's) smells like pee. I can't wait until he gets rid of the potty seat insert since he tends to pee all over it when he poops. 

I have no idea if my husband is having dinner with us or not.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Princess

We took the Princess to the ER for her second round of shots today. Her last fever was at 7 pm last night (another 103.1) but it went down quickly and hasn't coming back. She's eaten today and barely napped and smiled and played and banged her spoon against the plate at Denny's and I think she'll be okay. Aside from some really stinky diarrhea from all the antibiotics she has in her tiny little body, she is doing well. She's just eaten her yogurt so hopefully that will start to counteract the diarrhea. She played outside today and went to the mall and only did a little fussing from being tired. 

So now the next step will be to go to the urologist and figure out if anything went wrong with her surgery. I'm really starting to think that it was just a fluke--the UTI she had/has was full of ecoli... I think with all of her massive pooping she's done lately eating big people food that she just got some poop up her pee-pee. Because when she poops, she POOPS. Her last ultrasound was a month ago and was great. How could there be something wrong now? I am going with the poop in the pee-pee theory until I am told otherwise. 

And now we know that *I* am okay as well since I have managed to once again bring poop into a post.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

The week that's lasted a year

Took the Princess back to the doctor on Wednesday. Full-blown UTI. Got a different antibiotic (ironically enough just amoxicillin). With instructions that she should be fever-free by today. This morning she was 103.2. 100 or 101 would have been okay. 103.2 was not. We took her back to the doc today. She got a shot of ceftriaxone in her legs. We'll go to the ER tomorrow for her to get a second shot. We also got augmentin, an antibiotic stronger than amoxicillin to give her in the meantime. If she's any sicker she will be admitted tomorrow. If she seems to be doing better we'll get the shot and go home. 

The one amusing part of my day was when her pediatrician asked me what unit I work in. I said "Unit? Work?" she said "Aren't you a nurse?" I laughed and laughed. Apparently I am just so knowledgeable and smart that she assumed I was a nurse from the way I talked. Ha.

The Princess is sleeping. SkyWalker is watching Spongebob Squarepants. And I am about to go poop. And that has been our week.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Chucking a big birkett

The Princess woke up Sunday morning with a 104.3 fever. Called the doc's answering service and was told to just keep watching her, make sure she doesn't have difficulty breathing or get dehydrated. The fever went up and down all day. By dinner time it was 103.7. One of my friends gave me the secret formula for determining the correct dosage of tylenol/motrin (Tylenol should be 15mg per kilogram of weight, Advil/Motrin should be 10mg per kilogram of weight.) and I discovered I could give her a little more. I took her to the doc today. Her urine is not looking so well... looks like a UTI. She's on some fancy antibiotic since she took Amox for so long before. If there is no improvement in 2 days I need to call/bring her in again. They'll be sending the culture out to confirm whether it is indeed a UTI. Because of her history with her kidney surgery it was safer to treat it and find out later. It if is then we'll have to talk to the surgeon and see if he wants to do another ultrasound to make sure that everything is okay. 

Have I mentioned that Vader is in Buffalo for his trial?

Her fever is 103.2 now and she has done nothing but sleep and nurse all day. My little fettucini alfredo eater doesn't even want to eat cheerios. She whimpers and softly cries and my heart shatters in a million pieces. I have never seen her like this. 

Vader called from Buffalo. He'll be home on Wednesday (so I took the days off for nothing, but now with the Princess sick I'm glad I'm not working this week). He has to go back next week. Wed & Thursday. So I'll have to take NEXT week off now too. And the following week we'll be in North Carolina. AND on top of that, the trial won't be done next week and who the hell knows when it will be scheduled again. I'm sure it will be on a day that I work. 

I am about to give my kid Ellios pizza for dinner because I don't have the energy for anything else. He had Burger King for lunch. Again. 

I must have done a lot of bad shit in my former life to have karma like this.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I just love you all day

SkyWalker has been very lovey lately. He's constantly telling me that he loves me (and the Princess and Daddy and the dogs). He'll say "I just love you" and I'll say "I love you too." and then he says "I love you too!" It's very sweet. Yesterday he looked at me and said "I just love you all day!" It was the funniest thing ever.

I dropped my car off this morning to get it inspected and an oil change and I got a ride to the library from one of the guys. I thought I was going to have to walk and run in at the last minute. Instead I got here 30 minutes early.

The meetup playdate went well yesterday. SkyWalker hid in the bathroom at first. I had 5 moms each with one kid. The oldest was a 2 year old boy who loved trains. SkyWalker did not play with him. But he did sit next to him at lunch time. There was a 17 month old girl who liked looking at all of our toys and playing SkyWalker's guitar. A 12 month old boy who had a bit of a mad scientist look with crazy hair and wild eyes who SHRIEKED at me (in a funny way, not a whiny way) the entire time. It was hilarious. Then the 10 month old the Princess played with at the library and the museum. And then a 2 month old. Who weighed 8 pounds. He was 4 lbs 11 ounces at birth, only one week early. I thought SkyWalker was small! I was a little stressed because SkyWalker was so antisocial and because the Princess cried every single time I put her down. She just wanted me to hold her. It was so odd. She's a mama's girl, but it was different. She was off the entire day so I think it had more to do with her top teeth coming in. We wound up having lunch, or at least the kids had lunch. I had a turkey sandwich but none of the moms actually ate anything. They must have some eating secret... if I don't eat when my kids do I don't get a chance to eat. I'm looking forward to the time the Princess drops her morning nap and we can do things earlier without needing to worry about lunch. The dogs were in the bedroom since it was wet and rainy outside. They only barked when people came and left. Otherwise they were pretty good. I was hoping we could play outside but it was too wet. Although there were mostly little ones and we only have 2 infant/toddler swings... I hope we get some older kids for SkyWalker to play with. Had he not been a nut he probably would have enjoyed playing with the 2 year old. After he hid in the bathroom he decided to play downstairs by himself. We all went downstairs, he came upstairs by himself. Then he ran around the house with his trucks. Part of the reason I decided on having lunch, besides trying to quiet the Princess down, was to get him to sit down and maybe socialize.

I've been thinking that once Vader is through this week (he leaves tomorrow for the trial) that I can breathe again and things will change. He says he knows he needs more than 2 days for the trial, so he had me take this week (my two nights) off from work just in case. He just told me that the other attorney told him she's booked for the rest of the week so there's a good chance that the trial won't even be done. There's a chance that she's bluffing to try to get it postponed because of the MOUNTAIN of documents that he sent her that she has to go through. Anyway, once the trial is actually done he has to write the brief. He has THREE huge boxes of paperwork. He has a month to do the brief and knowing him it will take that long. I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't even tell it's a tunnel right now. It just looks like a big dark hole. I might have to chuck a birkett.

The library is now open so it's off to work I go.

( chuck a birkett )  

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good times

We did not go to soccer today. I asked him this morning and he said he did not want to go anymore, he keeps getting sad, doesn't like it. Maybe he just likes running around kicking the soccer ball and there's just not enough of that. Maybe he's just 3 1/2 and that's what they do. So I called up and we quit. I'm out $110 but whatever. I figure I'll take that and get a membership to Cartwheels which will be good for the whole year. I've scheduled a bunch of meetups at some local playgrounds and parks so I may hold off on it until the fall. I don't know.

We went to the mall and returned the shoes I bought for my sister's wedding. I found a pair with heels that should satisfy my pesky mother and sister-in-law (Note--sister claimed to not have a problem with flats). THEY can chase after my children when I fall down and break my leg. Particularly the youngest one who will probably be running at that point.

Anyway, we went to the mall. Went to the apple store and decided on the new iMac I'm buying myself. Then we went to a little bookstore near there and ran into an old librarian friend who works there now. Her daughter also works there and has a little girl the Princess's age. So funny. Then we went to the store and got the vitamins the Princess has needed for the last week or so. Then we went to the Burger King drive through because it was so late and I got my bad mom award for the day. Twice in one week. We'll have to not go there for a month to make up. Ugh.

The Princess bit me this afternoon while I was feeding her and when I firmly said "No!" she GIGGLED and did it again! I am big on discipline and I don't believe in that whole you can't say no to babies so don't even try nonsense. 9 times out of 10 when I tell the Princess to stop doing something she does it. Except for the biting! It's so infuriating (and painful) and what's even worse is that she looks so damn cute and funny. I'm going to have to reign her in good.

SkyWalker has started lying. It was only a matter of time. But he's so BAD at it. He'll tell me he just peed (in the potty) when he's been sitting next to me the whole time. Or he'll tell me "I just cleaned up" when we're both looking at the mess in the living room. Good times.

And with that, I leave you with some good times:

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Last week we had a meetup at the state museum. The Princess went on her very first carousel ride. She seemed to enjoy it, as did SkyWalker (also 10 months old when he went on HIS first carousel ride). The meetup was fun and it's nice to do these things with other people.

Later that day the Princess had another first.... she crawled all the way up the stairs! She got to the top, turned around to look at me like "That's right yo!" and then realized "Crap, where the hell do I go from here?". I brought her back downstairs. She crawled right back to the top. SkyWalker was over a year when he did that.

She is also decided to stop being a baby and get her hands on some real grub. I haven't given her a baby food jar at all this week. She's eaten fettucini alfredo, grilled chicken, oven baked chicken, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, as well as her vegetables because she is a good child. I wonder how she's done tonight with Vader. She's still nursing 3-4 times a day. She's a bit behind with the sippy cup. I give her water but she doesn't really know what to do with it. I don't know how breastfeeding moms are supposed to do sippy cup training. I don't give my kid a bottle, I give her a boob. And I'm not replacing my boob until I have to. I split her bottle tonight so Vader can give her the sippy and then her bottle later. I'm sure she'll get the hang of it once we switch to whole milk and I stop boob-feeding during the day.

Last week I was sure I was going to get a cleaning lady because I just couldn't keep up with the bare minimum of cleaning. This week I have washed all the windows, including the outside ones I could reach, washed the living room floor (!) with the floormate thingy (!) and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. We're having our first playdate at our house on Friday and it looks like rain so I'll have babies crawling around the living room. Unless I can keep everyone downstairs in the office/playroom. I hope there's someone for SkyWalker to play with since he is why I am doing these meetup things.

I'm not sure if I actually came out and said this or not, but I started my own meetup. The one I joined before is great, but there are 90 moms in it and a lot of the events are kinda far from us. So I decided to go completely against my nature and started one for over here. I have 21 moms now. We've had a few meetups and it seems to be going well.

SkyWalker was very funny today. He told me "Don't you dare run out of napkins!" at lunch time. I should really jot things down when he's saying them because it's hilarious and then by the time I post I have forgotten most of what he said.

Part of the wallpaper in the kitchen is peeling off. I have this really strong urge to just start ripping and see how far I get. What's the worst that can happen? I'm either paying someone to take it all down or I'm paying someone to fix what I mess up right? I just want to see how much I can get off. It almost seemed like it would just pull off.

Yesterday I had to drag my kid out of the library screaming. He didn't want to leave but the Princess was cranky. GAH--interrupted by North Greenbush Granny knocking on the door! GAH! Anyway, we left the library and we didn't even get out of the parking lot before he was completely fine. He's the bipolar one. He begged me to go to Denny's but we couldn't. I did get Burger King for him and the Princess though. Which means driving past Littleman's former home. I try to avoid that as much as possible. He once again said "That Littleman's home?" I said "It used to be. He doesn't live there anymore remember?" which is what we said last week. He said "Who lives there now?" I said "people. Do you remember where Littleman lives now?" He didn't answer. I repeated. He said "Don't tell. I don't want to talk about it." It was funny in how mature he sounded, but really really sad.

Gah. I didn't even get to my yogurt. The ONE time I forget to put the sign on the desk.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008


Teething really needs to be changed. This whole process is just not fun for anyone. Not for baby, and not for mama and DEFINITELY not for breastfeeding mama. All 4 of the Princess's top teeth are swollen and the gums are white and they are just minutes from breaking through but they just aren't breaking through. Gah. She cried and cried as I left for work today, coupled with her brother's crying that he "just want you to stay home." Good times. You scientists really need to come up with a better teething method. Because this one just sucks.

Speaking of sucking, I am barely getting 2 ounces while pumping at work. I counted how much I have left and how many bottles I will need before I make the switch. I have enough to make it, unless there's an emergency. I haven't been pumping in the morning because I have been sleeping and then letting the Princess have both sides. She's actually been more interested in nursing than solids lately. I think it's the teething. Maybe I'll start pumping in the morning again to have a little backup and then stop pumping at work. I've already fed her 3 times today.

We're going to the state museum tomorrow for another meetup. I hope it's fun. I hope SkyWalker is a good boy and has a good time. Want to know how he did at soccer today? So would I. But he did not want to go. He wanted to stay home. I told him if we stayed home I was cleaning the house (i.e. not playing with him) and he said "Okay, let's go to soccer" and we got all ready and we had some extra time so I played trains with him and... he said he didn't want to go, he just wanted to stay home. We'll be missing another one when we're in North Carolina. If we don't go next week this will be a big waste of my money. Which means it will be coming out of his account. I just don't know what his problem is now. Well, I would bet anything it has to do with Daddy working 24/7 and never having two parents in the same room together anymore. If I'm eating dinner with him Daddy is not. If Daddy's there Mommy is not. (Doesn't it sound like we're divorced? We're not. Really.)

At least I got the house somewhat cleaned today.

Our garage door opener has stopped working. It's not the batteries, the chain looks fine. I can't figure it out. I tried to reset it by unplugging it but that didn't do anything. When you press the button it just clicks and the lights come on and it almost sounds like it's trying but it doesn't actually get the door up at all. We probably need a new one. Which will involve me buying one and having it installed unless I rent a husband for the weekend. That would be a good business. Renting husbands. Maybe I can get one to install the baby stair gate I bought in February. By the time that's up the Princess will be having her own children.

FIL will be buried on the 19th. MIL is having some type of service, I don't know exactly what because Vader didn't think to ask for any details. I'm torn. I have nothing to do with my kids. It's been too long since we've seen the friends who watched them for the funeral and I feel bad asking them again when it's been so long. I'm not sure what's going on so I don't know if I can bring the kids. I'm not sure I'd want to anyway. It looks like I will probably just stay home with them. I can't believe we have to go through this all over again.

Prick your finger/it is done/the moon has now eclipsed the sun/the angel has spread its wings/the time has come for bitter things.

I think that's the best Marilyn Manson there is, certainly better than his newest stuff, but maybe even the best of all of it.

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