Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Common sense

My husband is very smart. But sometimes he is very stupid.

A couple of days ago I was explaining to SkyWalker about the Princess's surgery (in less than a week). I said I would have to stay overnight at the hospital but that Daddy and Nana would be home with him. Vader acts totally surprised. He didn't know it was an overnight. He asked if I wanted him to stay instead but I can't do that. I can't leave her. Today it dawned on me to ask him if he took Tuesday off from work too. Nope. He claims that he had asked me what days he had to take off and I said just Monday. If he did I'm sure I thought he meant the whole week which he doesn't need to do since my mom will be here until Thursday. Now, besides the fact that he was sitting in the doctor's office with me when they said she needs surgery again and that it will be an overnight, in what world do you ever get surgery and get released that day? When you're less than 2 years old??!!! This is not a procedure like September's deflux. This is invasive surgery with an incision and a scar and pain meds and the whole shebang. The possibility exists that she might have to stay more than one night, but it was only one night last time (when she was 5 months old). But there is a huge difference between the recovery time of a 5 month old and an almost-2 year old. It might take a lot longer. I'm trying to get Thursday night off from work and naturally I have to work the following weekend, but that's a lost cause. 

It's not like I need him to stay over Monday night, but if he goes in to work on Tuesday that means we'll have to take separate cars on Monday (and I really don't like driving in these situations) and I'll be all alone talking to the doctors Tuesday morning and it will all just be even more of a pain in the ass. Not to mention the fact that if it were me I wouldn't be able to go to work until I knew my baby girl was home and okay. 

It is 8:50 and we should leave for storytime at 9:30 but SkyWalker said he has too much work to do today so he can't go. He then said he wants to just stay at our home and relax. I explained that he's missing next week and he's okay with that. I'm trying to keep the Princess germ-free this week so it looks like we're not going today. Which is fine since I am still in my pajamas and not really in the mood to see anyone right now. 

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Friday, February 20, 2009

What the hell man?

I have a lot of mom friends now. Some of them have more than one child. Some of them are pregnant. Some of them have more than one child AND are pregnant. Know what I've noticed?

I'm the only one that looks like crap!

What the hell man? I clearly cannot use the excuse of children and pregnancy since these people obviously know the secret. Even when I shower my hair is always back in a pony tail, makeup is a foreign word to me, up until a couple of hours ago my eyebrows were in serious need of some plucking. My skin is all blotchy. I repeat, I look like crap. 

Don't go saying "You're pregnant! You have 2 children!". Read my first paragraph again. There's one mom in particular, and my mom friends who read this will know who I am talking about, who is just a model. Tall, blonde. She has a 14 month old and is pregnant and the only way I can say this is She. Is. Hot. Hot. There is no other word. If you look up MILF in the dictionary, you will see her. I repeat, what the hell man?

There must be some secret I don't know. Something they are not telling me. I bet they're sacrificing chickens each morning. 

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun Fun Fun

I think there's a blizzard outside right now. I feel bad for my friends working, but it looks so pretty. 

It's the middle of the week and I am tired. I know I'm always tired, but I'm even more tired than usual! SkyWalker's preschool closes when the schools do so they are on winter break as well. Monday we had a playdate at our house--the first one since October!--and he had SUCH a good time with his buddy who is sadly in daycare now. They were the only two boys and Vader had them downstairs playing golf and trains and who knows what else. Tuesday we went to the local science museum and it was the first time the Princess was free and not confined to her stroller. 

I have to publicly apologize to my good friend Jen F. right now. One of the last times we were at the museum her daughter, 4 months older than the Princess, was running around in circles and she did nothing but chase her and I laughed. I didn't point and laugh and mock or anything bad. But I thought it was so cute. Because the Princess was in a stroller. And not walking/running. 

Guess what the Princess did yesterday? Yeah, she ran around in circles. Luckily the museum is small and contained and I had enough friends there that I could chase after her and know that SkyWalker would not get lost. Although he did try to steal some big toy from the gift shop. They both had a great time though and touched a lizard and didn't want to leave. 

Today we went to the Mad about Mo program at the library. The Princess was a wiggly worm the entire time, but was cute and cuddly so it was okay. SkyWalker sang along during the songs! It was a great program. They really did a great job.

Tomorrow we are going to the State museum. The Princess will be in a stroller. 

Friday we have another playdate (elsewhere) and Saturday we are going to see Elmo! in some kind of musical thing that the children better enjoy because we had to buy tickets for both of them. My MIL is also going. 

I think SkyWalker is tired too. He is whining about wanting to watch more TV after he's just watched 2 shows. I think he needs some cuddle time. 

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Friday, February 13, 2009


The Princess is doing better than I could ever have hoped for in her toddler bed. She gets in it herself and even if she follows me to the gate she will go back to her bed and lay down and go to sleep. I probably already posted that. I can't think straight anymore. Here are pictures for those of you interested:

Remember the animals on the wall?:

She climbed on the twin bed and took some off. So I just took them all down when I moved the toddler bed. But it looked so bare and plain and sad. So:

We did that. They helped which is why it's bunched up in some places, but I don't care. She had a blast putting them on the wall. They're just wall decals from Target. Now SkyWalker wants some in his room. He was going to steal some flowers but I convinced him to wait for something better. Like monkeys. 

There's his new twin bed. Which was always in his room, but is now where his toddler bed was and where the crib was before that. Sigh.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Camera shy

We had our Level 2 Ultrasound today and everything is normal. For now. The doc made a point of saying that it can develop at any time and if we want to do another one in 6-8 weeks we can, she would leave it up to us and our OB (they don't do L2s at the office, so it wasn't our OB). I think we will just to be on the safe side. And because I want to get a better picture. This baby (no, of course we didn't find out the gender. Where is the fun in that? ;-p) is laying sideways, which might explain why I feel kind of stretched out right now. The klondike bars every night could also explain that though. Anyway, it's sideways and the little face was either pointing down or covered the entire time. The tech did her best to make it roll over and move and it put it's hands in front of the face! Camera shy already. Nothing like the older 2 who beg for me to take their pictures everyday. I feel pretty optimistic because it was at this point with the Princess that we first discovered the dilation. And that was a result of a structural anomaly that would be present by now. So while we will do the next one, I really do feel optimistic that the kidneys will be okay. Of course, if it's a boy there is a chance that he would have hypospadius like SkyWalker, but that surgery was a walk in the park compared to what my poor baby girl has had to go through.

It's been a very long day and I am very tired. I should have taken the night off but I didn't. There really was no reason for me to... the appt was at 11 am! But afterwards Vader and I went shoe shopping--my own personal hell. Shoe shopping for HIM. He is worse than a woman! All I wanted to do was get home and he had to try on a zillion pairs of shoes. By the time we got home it was after 2 (after leaving at 9:15) and I feel like I had such a short day with my kids. Right before I left the Princess was sharing some food with her baby doll. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. She was sitting in front of her kitchen with a little plate and a pretend baby food jar on it. She had her baby doll on the floor next to her. On the baby doll's tummy was a little plate with a pretend pizza on it. She was whispering to the doll and then seemed to realize that something was wrong and switched the plates and gave this little "Oh silly me!" laugh that was just hilarious and unbelievably cute. And then she said "eat" to the doll. I cannot tell you how hard it was to get in the car and drive to work.

SkyWalker has been awfully cute lately too. He tells me he "loves me the cutest" everyday. The other day I was telling him what a good big brother he is (because he really really is) and I said he was going to be a good big brother to the new baby too. He gave me a look like I was smoking crack and then like I'm twisting his arm he says "Fine. Fine (all exasperated)! I will try. But it will be hard because I already have [the Princess]." I laughed and laughed. He's been saying "Fine!" a lot lately.

My eyes are getting blurry. I think I am in serious need of a nap.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009



A couple of weeks ago when I was picking SkyWalker up from preschool I saw another boy grab his coat and shake him a bit and there some altercation. I couldn't tell who it was so I wasn't sure if it was just a misunderstanding with one of his friends or not. When he got in the car he told me that "A" punched him. I told him that if it happens again he should tell his teachers because nobody should be punching him. This is the same kid that hit him in the head with a train the very first week. SkyWalker frequently tells me how mean he is. I debated talking to the teachers but I didn't want to be *that* mom, so I just let it go. 

Today the Princess and I got to preschool early again and saw them all on the playground again. SkyWalker is minding his own business playing with a shovel when some boy pushes him and knocks him down! A little later I see the TA bring the boy over to SkyWalker and it's clear she's having "a talk" with them. When we went to collect SkyWalker he was all muddy. I asked him if he fell and he loudly said that "A" pushed him. Luckily "A" and his mother were walking right next to us. I hope she heard. I was strapping the Princess in her carseat when the TA came over with SkyWalker's forgotten backpack. I asked her what happened and she confirmed it and said that she had SkyWalker tell "A" that he didn't like it when he pushed him. I told her that this is the 2nd or 3rd time and she said they are aware of it and keeping their eyes open because it's always out of the blue. It's not the result of some conflict over a toy. He just targets SkyWalker. I'm glad they are aware of it. I might have to kick this little kid's ass at the Valentine's Party on Friday though. 

We've had conflict at playdates before--SkyWalker poked his friend in the eye because they were arguing over whether or not they had bones in their bodies--but it's usually just *conflict* that is easily resolved with some parental involvement and then quickly forgotten. This is targeted bullying. And it pisses me off. 

Did I mention that this is the ONE kid in his class who will be going to kindergarten with him? Yeah. If they are in the same class I'm signing SkyWalker up for karate lessons. And giving him permission to kick his ass if he pushes him around!

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Monday, February 2, 2009


I am 19 weeks pregnant now. That means I am halfway there. Those of you wondering if I failed math in school, rest assured, I am right. See, 19 times 2 is 38. And that's as far as this baby is going to go. I don't want another preemie, I don't want another induction, but I think 38 weeks is a nice respectable amount of time. I don't consider it early. So 38, here we go. 

That plague that descended on us last week is lifting. The Princess's fever has broken. They both just have coughs and snotty noses. My sinus infection is getting a little better now that I have antibiotics. 

The Princess has been doing okay in her toddler bed. Nap time is the hardest and sometimes she winds up sleeping on the floor. But she's doing good at night and she always goes into her bed herself and falls asleep there first. The first night I put her in her bed and stayed with her a little but then I started making her get up in it herself and that works out better. It always works out better when she thinks something is her idea. It's amazing how different the toddler bed looks in her room. Instead of Thomas sheets there are flower sheets. It looks so girlie. 

SkyWalker has been sleeping in the monkey bed--the twin-sized bed in his room. He's been doing well, as I expected he would. There's not much transition from a toddler bed to a twin bed. The newfound freedom of the toddler bed from the crib is the hardest to handle. Anyway, he's doing well and and has started getting up on his own to pee at night. Unfortunately his pull up is still soaked each morning. Vader has stopped going up there and helping him pee. I don't know why. And I'm too tired to do it myself consistently. I think I'll wait until the summer to really start pushing it. Our pediatric urologist surgeon said he wouldn't look at him before the age of 5, which kind of makes me think that he should be dry all night by the time he's 5. At least most nights of the week anyway. 

I spent the whole day yesterday sleeping on the couch. Sounds lovely... but it wasn't. I was all foggy and confused at dinner time and I got nothing done. I hate starting the week and feeling behind. I still have two loads of laundry to fold but they are upstairs and the Princess is napping. I managed to get some things done today. 

While it's been so cold and snowy my mom's group has been meeting at Panera in the morning. SkyWalker is at preschool so it's just me and the Princess. It's been working out really well . Nobody kicks us out after we finish our coffee/tea/hot chocolate. Nobody stares at the kids (well, not this time. The last time there was a freaky woman who was staring and touching and about 3 seconds from me putting the smack-down on her). It's nice and roomy. I would still prefer to be chatting at the beach, but it's nice to have somewhere to go right now. What would really be nice is someplace with a big playroom for kids to run around. Someplace on this side of the river that is...

Random updates: Vader's job is as safe and secure as it's ever going to be. Whew. One less thing to worry about. Isaac's leg is still limping but is getting slightly better. I think we're going to wait and see a little longer and keep him on the leash. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. He doesn't like the cold so there are some days that I don't even have to wake him out. He just waits until Vader gets home at dinner time. The Princess's surgery is scheduled for March 2. Our level 2 ultrasound to see if #3 has any plumbing issues is Feb. 12. 

I leave you with this little gem:

SkyWalker: staring into space at dinner.
Mommy: C'mon buddy, get eating.
SkyWalker: I'm thinking.
Mommy: Well, think about eating.
SkyWalker: I can't think and eat at the same time! I'll choke!

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