Sunday, December 31, 2006

Row Row Row Your Boap

First, let me just say that SkyWalker is sleeping, that *I* put him there and there was no crying or getting out of bed and minimal nonsense. I had wanted him to be in bed by 8, but I just don't think that will ever happen again. That's the downside to a kid who sleeps past 8 if you let him... Anyway, he didn't want to read any books and as soon as I told him his time was up and shut the light he started saying "book". The librarian in me hates to say no, but the Mama has to. Shockingly enough he laid down in his bed and didn't get up when I left.

It's NYE and I doubt I will make it to midnight. We didn't last year. I don't think I even care anymore. Sleep is way more important.

Funny things the boy has been saying/doing: We've pretty much given up on any formal potty training, but in an attempt to tell him how things work when I changed his diaper one day I told him that Mommy and Daddy pee and poop on the potty. He has decided to make that his new catchphrase and when he has nothing else to add to the conversation he says "Mommy Daddy pee poopoo". Yeah, thanks.

The past couple of nights during bath time we've been singing "Row Row Row your boat." For some reason Vader loves that song. I find it very difficult to sing and really don't see the point of singing at different times. Anyway, we did it the first night and SkyWalker enjoyed it. The second night he asked for "Row Row Row" and did this hand motion like he was rowing a boat. Maybe he picked it up in daycare? Maybe he's just brilliant? Maybe he was having a seizure? I don't know. Anyway, we did it again and he joined in with row row row. So we tried to get him to say "Your boat". Instead he says "your boap." Which is how he's been saying boat but it was even funnier coming at the end of row row row. So for the rest of the night he kept screaming "Your boap" at me. Tonight we tried to get him to say "boaT". He says "boap. T." It was hilarious.

Good times. :-)

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Big Boy Beds and other things

Vader and I decided that SkyWalker's "big" Christmas gift would be his toddler bed. Not that SkyWalker really cares about "big" gifts or anything like that but it made me feel better. I bought the bed back in July and we just hadn't put it together. Friday night Vader assembled it, brought it to SkyWalker's room and made sure the mattress fit in it (we only have one mattress). SkyWalker jumped on it, loved it, and said he wanted to sleep in it. We left the crib in his room partly in case he freaked out, and because we had to take it apart to get it out and it was just too late. Around 2 am, we heard him cry, Vader went upstairs and he was standing between the bed and the wall, apparently he had fallen out. Vader put him back in. Around 7 he cried. By the time Vader got to the stairs he was done. When Vader went up there after 8 to get him up he was back in his bed. The next night there was no crying. He's been in his toddler bed ever since.

The only problem has been with me--SkyWalker has been resisting sleeping for Mommy for a while now. He did it with the crib too, so it's not a bed issue. But with the bed he can get out of it and refuse to lay down. Which is what he's been doing until Daddy comes upstairs... but that's a problem SkyWalker and I are going to have to work out on our own. Other than that, he's been great with his bed. He stays in it until we go up and get him, he hasn't asked for his crib and doesn't seem to really care that it's gone. He usually adjusts to things pretty quickly so I don't why I was stressing over it before.

Christmas was good. SkyWalker got lots of nice presents. His unholy love for Thomas the damn Tank Engine has been solidified. Ugh. We got matching sock monkey pajamas for our Christmas Eve gifts. And we looked pretty damn cute wearing them.

Vader shocked surprised me with a speaker docking system for my iPod. Very very nice. I actually got teary.

I am posting from work because no one showed up for my anime program. So I am taking a little break. I never take my second break. But now I am.

It seems like the entire world has this week off. Except for me.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Holy lack of motivation

Lookee me, posting from work. Ah well. There were many years I never took my two ten-minute breaks, so at this point the library OWES ME time. Right?

I am in a funk. I know, I know, when am I not in a funk? It has been painfully slow in the children's room, there were flurries this morning and it's wicked cold (when it was just in the 60s last week) and all of this leads me to want to just snuggle up somewhere and take a nap. Not really conducive to the whole working thing. I'm going to a teen workshop thing tomorrow so hopefully that will break up the monotony of this week. I think people are probably out shopping as there are no storytimes so there's no reason to come to the library.

SkyWalker has been talking more and more lately. It's so funny to watch. I've known for a while now that he had a much larger vocabulary than one would think--we use flash cards with him and he tell him to point to the various words/pictures and he always gets everything right. Now he's finally starting to say those words back to us. He's always loved the alphabet too and I am no longer allowed to sing anything other than the alphabet song. If I start singing something else he interrupts me to say "ABB!". The past few days he's been identifying letters whenever he sees them and he repeats each letter back to us. He never does all of them each time though--for some reason he has to say "No" to letters that I know he can say but he just chooses not to at that time. Last night Vader and I were with him before bath time and Vader pointed to each of the letters in his alphabet puzzle and he identified most of them correctly. He gets a little impatient though and wants to skip ahead so he points to his favorite letters (right now it's "W"). He knows the difference between the M and the W now (he used to use them interchangeably) and he says W so cute-- "douba". He's growing up so quickly and turning into a real little boy.

It's probably good that we don't have comfortable chairs here. I think I could fall asleep right at the desk. Although if I did I certainly wouldn't be the first one of us to do so... ;-)

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Thursday, November 30, 2006


I had my flu shot this morning and now my arm hurts. I automatically chose the left arm since I am right handed and after the fact realized that I use the left arm to carry SkyWalker since I am right handed and need that free... won't that be fun? Because my apt. was at 9 a.m. Vader took SkyWalker to daycare (late of course. he couldn't be on time even if he was Hiro and could stop time...). The flu shot took all of 2 minutes so I am back home now. I've cleaned the unbelievably disgusting countertop next my sink in the bathroom, eaten breakfast, and showered. Right now I am leisurely drinking a cup of tea and on the internets. I do need to leave early so I can cash a check and have some damn money in my wallet, fill a prescription, and hopefully get my hair cut. I have to make my dinner, ooh just remembered leftover turkeyballs, and either have lunch here or pack that up too.

Thanksgiving was lovely. It was so nice to be with *my* family this year. There were so many people to change diapers (I taught SkyWalker to go to Nana and say "Nana poop." so she'd change his diaper. It was great.) It was like a real holiday. We played games, we went to a playground, we had a great time. The only downside was that it really made me realize how much I wish we were closer. I don't want to be 20 minutes from them either (like we are from the in-laws) but an hour or 2 wouldn't be bad. Somewhere in the middle would be nice, so we weren't so close to the in-laws but not so far from my family. It would be great to live in Connecticut near the ferry and just be a ferry ride away. But that will never happen. Vader will never leave his family, I don't want to leave my house and we're just not movers. And by the time Vader could leave (i.e. his parents are no longer around) there would probably be less of an impetus to do so... So as SkyWalker has been saying recently "I stuck." 

Someone from TW must be reading this since right after I wrote about it cutting off the last minute of Heroes each week (on the DVR), I noticed the guide said 1 hour and 1 minute. I watched the last 2 episodes last night (am finally caught up) and nothing was cut off. Yay!

I should really start moving but the idea of leaving the couch is just not appealing. The dogs are outside getting dirty and barking as normal and it's just so nice to sit and not move. I am in serious need of a vacation. A not going anywhere, not doing anything, just being lazy vacation. If I could get this vacation to last the rest of my life that would be great. I really don't think I'm cut out for this working business. The dogs are now on the deck looking in the door and staring at me like they know I am just goofing off right now. Isaac has a particularly funny incredulous look on his face right now like "Lady, you have *something* to do! Why aren't you doing it?".

I am so not used to free time.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Phone etiquette

I forgot to write this last night--

Tuesday morning I'm in the bathroom doing what people do in the bathroom. The phone rings but I am clearly not getting it since I am in the bathroom. I hear a "beep" which means that the phone is off the hook. I shout "Did you pick up that phone??!!" And SkyWalker comes toddling in the bathroom, phone in hand, and says "Dada." I hope it's my husband. I look at the phone and the light is indeed red, so I say "Hello??" and it's my mother. Luckily my mother. So I say "I'm sorry I'm pooping now I'll have to call you back." She knew SkyWalker had picked up the phone and could hear him talking but he didn't say anything to her. It was hilarious. As I type this now it just dawned on me that he didn't say "Dada." He always calls my husband Daddy. I think he said "there there" which is what he says when he hands me something. That's even funnier.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


My not posting (to this blog) at work rule means very few posts. I am amazed I have the laptop right now. It's usually occupied and I am far too lazy to go down to the cold basement to use the desktop. I am far too paranoid--well not really. This blog has the username associated with me and could easily be found by People Who Make Decisions. And I've been burned before over stupid internet stuff by People Who Make Decisions. So better safe than sorry right?

SkyWalker is having problems sleeping. He's normally such a good sleeper but lately he's been waking up in the middle of the night very upset. I thought it was gas, I thought he was sick, I thought he had nightmares. I don't know what the hell it is but I hope it stops soon. I am very tired and cranky.

No Lost tonight. *Sigh*. Not that it matters since I'd only be recording it anyway. I'll probably watch my recorded Heroes instead and hope it didn't cut the last minute off again like it's done the last 2 weeks. I frickin' hate Time Warner. I like the DVR but man, TW just sucks, they really need to improve their services. Their own help page tells me I can do things with the DVR that I can't. qw21?

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. Mostly because I am going to my parents so it will be a real Thanksgiving. I am not looking forward to the car trip, but it's not as bad as it could be. Maybe I can get some reading done. I only have about 5 potty training books.

Yeah, the potty training is going nowhere. He'll sit on it at home but he won't do anything. He cries at daycare. He's  not ready. I realized I've been putting pressure on him and myself. He's only 2. So what if some kids are potty trained earlier? This is my kid. And if I push him he'll say Screw You and never be trained. I need to just chill out and wait until he's actually ready.

He is talking quite a bit now. I don't mean literally now since he is in bed, but now in general. He's repeating words and saying words perfectly his first try. It's kind of funny actually. The whole car ride home he told me it was dark. And when we got home there were two deer in the driveway and then they ran away. So he kept saying "Deer?" "Deer ra? I finally figured out the "ra" meant either ran or run. It was awfully cute. The first 10 times and then it got a little tiresome. :-)

As suspected the laptop is being requisitioned.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Breaking the rules again

My personal rule is that I will read Vox while at work, but not post. Reading can be work-related if I'm reading authors. Posting is not. But today, today is Saturday, a rainy rainy Saturday and there is NO ONE in the children's room and I do not feel well but I am here anyway, so I am breaking my rules.

Isaac will be just fine. The results for the cyst came back and it was benign and I think the vet said something about getting it all so it shouldn't grow back. Yay! He and Haze have been acting completely normal.

I am eating grapes at the desk. I might as well break as many rules at once as I can.

I understand that Vox is in beta or whatever and constantly tweaking but it seems like everytime I log in it's totally different and I have to search for my damn friends page. Or neighborhood page, whatever.

SkyWalker peed on the potty the other night. Can't really say "in" the potty. But he was sitting on it and mostly got his legs and probably me. Totally freaked him out. He cried and cried. I took him off, he flushed and was happy. I put him in the tub and he's crying and crying. Wants to sit back on the potty. So I put his wet heiney on the potty. Cries and cries. Wants to get off. Put him back in the tub. Pees in the tub, but cries while doing it. I think he knew he had more pee, and wanted to do it on the potty, but was scared when he got on the potty and then was upset when he peed in the tub. I don't think he'll ever be potty-trained. I'll be changing his diapers when he's 30.

I finally watched Lost last night. Vader is too "busy" Wednesday night to watch it, so we DVR it and watch it together later. Which is funny because last year Veronica Mars was on at the same time and I had to record Lost and I was looking forward to this year when I wouldn't have to. Oh well. But because I'm watching it later, I'm missing out on all the discussions. Everybody talks about it on Thursday, nobody cares on Saturday.

It is raining. Bad. There is no way I would take my toddler out in this. I bet someone brings a newborn here today.

I am tired. And seriously thinking about playing the lottery. I need to win me some money fast.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Surgery update

Looks like Isaac will be okay--the surgery went alright. The vet is NOT concerned about the WBC, if it was cancer it would be much higher so it's most likely just an infection from eating his own poop. Which he totally deserves because he's been burping his poop-burps in my face and it's frickin disgusting. Anyway, they will do the analysis on the cyst because the vet didn't know what the hell it was from looking at it. It'll take a week for the results and I'm sure it will be a long week, but I feel a little more positive now.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

I needed this now, thanks

Isaac is having a cyst removed from his ear tomorrow. He had to have blood work to make sure his kidneys could handle the surgery since he's had prednisone for his allergies. The blood work came back okay for his kidneys but also showed an elevated level of white blood cells. We were originally not going to have the cyst checked out because the vet said the odds of cancer were low, but why else would his white blood cell count be up? So I think we'll probably have it analyzed now.

I don't need this.

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Empty Nest

I have just gotten home from work. There is a rainbow outside and it is lovely and I raced inside the house to share it with SkyWalker and he isn't here.

There is a note from my husband saying that they are at the mall and will be back at 6. 6? I get home at 5:30. Now, while I understand that many of my friends would be thrilled to come home to a childless house and have "free time", I am not my friends. I am not thrilled. I am annoyed beyond belief that he couldn't time it so he could be home when I got home. I am not supposed to be here without SkyWalker.

What's worse is that I know my husband has no sense of time. He's constantly late. Constantly. It is wicked annoying. So he will probably not be here at 6. And not even consider when SkyWalker has to have dinner and go to bed. And that's even less time that I will have with him.

I am going to lay on the couch and read a book and not even think about making dinner. I hope Vader is starving when he gets home. And then he'll have to wait even longer. Ha!

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm breaking my rules

And posting from work. Because it is slow and Saturday and I shouldn't be here.

Yesterday was my day off. SkyWalker and I went for a little walk outside. He insisted we go even though I told him it was cold. I don't like leaving the house past August. Anyway, we're walking in the dogs' yard and he says "What's that?" and points to the bush that he's seen a million times and I say "It's a bush" and then I see it--a snake!! AAAH! It was dead and folded up in a rather odd way. At first I thought for sure the dogs must have done it, but now I don't know. They sniffed at it but they weren't playing with it like they knew it was there. So I'm starting to think it was a surprise to them too. Anyway, I wanted to immediately go inside, but SkyWalker would have none of that. I got him to leave the dogs' yard but then he wanted to go right back there. Not only was it wet and muddy and cold, there was a dead snake there! Ew. I hate snakes. With a passion. Total irrational fear. As soon as Vader came home I told him he had to deal with it. He went outside, picked it up and we watched him walk to the very back of the yard, to the woods, and fling it. Gross.

My brother and his friend are here finishing the roof. My mom and sister-in-law are also visiting. Right now they are playing with SkyWalker, while I am here to let people sign up for computers. Actually he might be napping by now, but still. There's a party at my house and I'm not there.

I need to figure out how to link to other people's voxs in the body of a post. Like LJ. Anyway, jewjewbee has decided to stay and not take the job at the other library. Not that I wrote about that here, but there's an update for ya anyway. She called me at home yesterday to tell me the good news.

She was the 3rd person to call me yesterday. Which is more than I usually get. And unfortunately all phone calls were during nap time. I put SkyWalker down at 12:30ish, he started whining and complaining but was out by 12:40. I was in bed by 12:40. Trying to fall asleep, the phone rings. I can't let it go because multiple rings might wake up SkyWalker and in order for *me* to nap he needs to nap. So I jump and get it. Vader telling me we're exempt from our weekly dinner with the in-laws that night. I lay back down. Try to relax. 1 ish p.m., phone rings. BestFriend having a bad day just wanted to talk. Hang up, lay down, fall asleep. I know I was asleep because instead of taking care of SkyWalker I was taking care of BestFriend's Baby and he had somehow gotten stuck in a bed, with his head on top of the matress and his body underneath. Weird. Phone rings. 2:30, jewjewbee with good news. I lay back down. 2:55 "Mommy!"

It is 1 pm and I'm trying to delay lunch until later so then I have less time here after lunch. And I'm still freezing.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Poop! on the Potty!

every night before bathtime we put skywalker on the potty. last night i did it and was just about to tell him if he could sit still i'd read him a book (to get him to stop whining) when he started crying and i decided i better pick him up and then i noticed why he was crying! poop! from his heiney! falling in the toilet! it was a total fluke but still! there was poop! so we flushed together and said "bye-bye poop!" well, i said "poop" he said "pee". whatever.


typing one-handed since he is sitting on my lap and i am on a stool so i have to hold him in.

oh crap! we have to leave in 15 minutes! i always forget how early i have to leave!

There are entirely too many exclamation points in this post.

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Friday, September 15, 2006


I'm making cupcakes for tomorrow's non-birthday party (pretty sure I'll have extra to take to work on Monday. Who can eat 48 cupcakes?) and remembering what I was doing 2 years ago. I was celebrating my release from the hospital by laying on the couch and being afraid to pee (because I knew I was still bleeding and didn't want to see it). Little did I know the very next day I would be sent right back to the damn hospital. Only I wouldn't be coming home alone.

SkyWalker has changed my life in so many ways. He's made me a better person. He's made me happier (which is pretty frickin' sad because I don't think anyone would consider me happy...). He's my reason. My reason for everything.

At least I won't be spending this weekend bleeding to death. Well, actually I might be, but 2 years ago I really thought I was bleeding to death. After the delivery when the blood just wouldn't stop I was honestly afraid to go to sleep because I thought if I did I wouldn't wake up, and if I could make myself stay awake then I wouldn't die.

I'm totally serious.

I'm also feeling a little nostalgic and sad over a part of my life that's ending. I'm weaning myself off a former addiction, something I should have done long ago, but for whatever reason I tried to hold on to it. I haven't cut all ties yet, but I'm pretty damn close.

And that is all I'll say about that.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Stewie loves Lois

While I don't think SkyWalker has ever contemplated my death, last night's Family Guy was amazingly similiar to what's going on right now. SkyWalker used to be so independent and now all of a sudden he's clinging to me and grabbing my hand to pull me wherever he wants to go, or grabbing my clothing to pull me. He cried this morning when I left him at daycare and it was this pitiful sad please don't leave me cry. I'll take bratty pain in the ass crying over that any day. Anywho, on Family Guy last night Stewie decided he loved Lois because she fixed his teddy bear and he turned into this needy clingy baby. One scene had me hysterical--Stewie is screaming for her "Lois Lois Lois Lois Mommy Mommy Mommy Momma Mom Mom Mom Mom Mama Mama Mama Mama Ma Ma Ma" until finally she says "WHAT!" and he says "hi" and runs off. Hilarious.

News on the neighbor front-- I called yesterday when I got back from LI. We have a play date set up for this Saturday. Saturday will be a busy day as I am also having a non-birthday party for SkyWalker later that day. We'll spend his actual birthday (Sunday) alone. Which is exactly how I want it. And it's all about me anyway.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006


When Vader brought the mail in today, guess what was in it? An envelope with my name on it, and the return address of the neighbor, "K". She left a nice note thanking me for the muffins and saying it was nice to meet me and maybe the boys can meet to play soon (her underline) and included her phone number and the words call me (also her underline). HA! We'll be away this weekend, so I'm not sure if I should call and say we'll be away or just wait until we can meet up. I don't want to make her squirm,  but I don't want to appear too desperate either...  Would tomorrow be too soon to call?  Just to say, "hey got your note, we'll be out of town but we'll be available whenever blah blah".


I feel like doing a little dance. I'm making a friend, all on my own, without anyone else as a go-between which is usually how I make my friends. Yay for me finally being an adult!

I feel a little bit like I'm cheating on my best friend, but she encouraged me to do this and well, if it were not for the extreme likelihood of her husband finally convincing her to move to some other place with a "music scene", I probably would not be doing this at all. And I'm not looking for a best friend-confidante. I have one of those. I'm looking for friends for my kid and someone who lives down the block who doesn't mind my company. That's not cheating right?

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Monday, September 4, 2006

A week is just not enough

We go back to work tomorrow. :-( After a week and a couple of days of being home, I could definitely do this on a full time basis. I left my house ONCE, no, that's not true, my sister came to visit and we went out to dinner yesterday. So I left my house TWICE in all that time (not including the walk to the neighbors). It was divine.

The downside is that young SkyWalker and I have grown quite attached to each other. I'm actually "Mommy"  sometimes instead of the usual "Mama!". Aside from his reluctance to nap (solved by leaving him crying for 10 minutes), it's been a lovely week. I'm not sure who will have a harder day tomorrow--him at daycare or me at work. Sadly I think it will be the latter.

Luckily it's only a 3 day week. My brother is getting married Saturday so we're leaving on Friday. Hopefully it'll be a nice weekend.

I really need to win that damn lottery I never play.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am an idiot at this friend-making thing

We're on vacation (can't you tell, it's been raining and chilly and just lovely, argh) and I noticed the neighbor's garage door open. The neighbor from the previous post that I wanted to befriend. So I made some corn muffins, strapped SkyWalker into his stroller and started the long trek down the street. I learned 2 things, 1) my road needs sidewalks and 2) I am not a good judge of distance. Holy crap it was much farther than I thought. (It's farther right? Not further? My grammar went out the window about 2 years and 9 months ago). Anyway, we walk there, ring the bell. I introduce us. The lovely couple have 2 children, the oldest of which just turned 2! Which means, that yes, indeed, they will go to Kindergarten together. And he's a boy! They were very friendly and it was very nice. Except. When asked where we lived, I said where the house was, but never thought to give the number. At no time did I give them my phone number or even my last name. I didn't get that information from them either. I said I was available if they ever wanted to do anything, blah blah blah, but now that pretty much means them having to walk up my driveway. Or leave a note in my mailbox. Which is what I should have done in the first damn place.

Oh well, they know which house is mine, if they wanted to, they could stop by or leave a note. Right? Sure it would have been better for me to leave my damn phone number, but the end result would be the same right? It would still be up to them.

I suck at this friend thing. This is why all of my friends are online.

PS. Right now at this very moment my son is trying really hard to make noise come out of a kazoo, but since he is not quite 2 yet, he has no idea what he's doing. This amuses me greatly. Because it's funny to watch him struggle to do something, but mostly because his plan to invade my quiet with his little noisemaker has failed.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Parenting is a pissing contest

I overslept today. That's not exactly true. I was awake, I just didn't get out of bed until I hit the "Oh crap I have no time" mark. Friday mornings are especially hard because I work Thursday nights. Anyway, I had to ask the husband (Vader) for help this morning. I was in the bathroom getting myself ready and I could hear him going up the stairs. Through the monitor I heard my son (SkyWalker) start saying "Mama!!" because he heard footsteps on the stairs. Then I heard the gate swing open, and he said "Mama!" again and Vader said "Nope, it's Daddy." And I'm pretty sure SkyWalker responded with "Mama?".

And this all amused me. For many months the answer to any question was "Daddy!". When Daddy comes home SkyWalker runs screaming "Hi Daddy!". Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. But now it's Mama!! I won the pissing contest this morning.

I don't answer those QOTD things, but interestingly enough I was going to talk about neighbors anyway. Three houses down from us there is a kid. I know I saw someone sitting on the front porch with a baby-like person. There is now one of those wooden playsets in the backyard that I've been coveting. And when I passed by last night there was a box out with the trash that was for one of those big plastic car things I've been wanting to get SkyWalker, so I'm wondering if the kid is close to his age. To put this in more perspective, all of the lots around my house (including mine) are on 6 acres. So I can't get a real good view of how old the kid is or what these people look like. I've been wanting to stop by because how cool would that be to have a kid close to SkyWalker's age that he could be friends with? That he would go to school with? Maybe even be in the same grade. And it would be nice for me too, since I am lacking in the friends department and if/when my best friend moves away I will be alone again.

But going over there and introducing myself and SkyWalker would take A) initiative B) more walking than I'm used to and C) friendliness. I have no idea who these people are. I can't call ahead. And as a mom, I really don't want to just stop by. What if it's nap time? What if the kid is younger than I thought and it's nursing time or bottle time? What if they're mean? What if they don't like us? What if they're too friendly and we don't like them? And despite my no-holds barred public persona that you all know, I'm somewhat quiet and shy and not the friendliest with people I don't know. Do I bite the bullet and be nice for my kid's sake? Because I don't want him to have a hard time making friends. Do I leave a note in the mailbox introducing myself and saying I didn't want to interrupt a nap time by just showing up uninvited and then leave it in their hands? Do I get insulted if they don't respond?

It's hard enough making friends as an adult, but making friends as a parent is even harder. But boy would I like to play on that wooden playset.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

I swear it just's a coincidence

that my first three entries are about poop. I was going to have another pooping story. Really. Well, this isn't so much about the poop as it is about my husband's refusal to believe that I am right all the time.

A few months ago we discovered that sundried tomato dressing gave SkyWalker horrible diaper rash. Horrible. To the point of bleeding. I say we discovered it, but it was really my husband giving it to him every week and me noticing the reaction. So we stopped giving it to him (again with the "we") and it went away. All good.

I call my husband at work yesterday to say "I forget to take chicken out before i left but there's some nuggets still in the fridge if you want to give [SkyWalker] those." He tells me he took chicken out before he left and that he thinks he'll just give him some of what he makes--with the dressing on it. I say "No!" We have a friendly little argument on the phone, but I don't really think he's that stupid.


Sure enough he gave him a little bit of the dressing. Can't hurt right? When I picked SkyWalker up from daycare today and took him to the in-laws for our weekly dinner, he was very clingy and not happy. He ate a little and then started saying "A poopoo" and really struggling. He was crying and we decided we needed to take him home early. We got home and it was much of the same. I tried to give him prunes. I tried to give him peaches. No go. We put him to bed and he off and on cried out and then I heard him really pushing. He managed to get it out and i guess it was pretty solid. I say I guess because the man responsible had to go up there to take care of it.

It's no coincidence that he had problems in the past with this stuff and the day after he has it again he has a horrible pooping experience. Nothing else in his diet changed.

So today's moral is: next time Mama says no damn sundried tomato dressing, don't give him sundried tomato dressing!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Oh the irony

Ironically enough as I was typing my last entry, the boy was pooping. We headed upstairs for a diaper change. After much squirming and crying I finally pulled myself together and got his diaper off. Ew. It was a nice one. Anyway, he starts moving all around and while I'm wrapping the old diaper up he sits up. So I snap him up, get his shorts on and put him on the floor.

And then I see it.

Usually I see something scary before the diaper change, not after.

I see the new diaper I had laid out. I look at the boy and say "If that diaper is there, then what are YOU wearing?" and in horror I realized the answer. 

I quickly scooped him up, yanked his shorts, unbuttoned his shirt, and what did I see? A free standing dangling wee-wee. Yup, I forgot the diaper. Luckily I realized it so quickly because I probably would not have changed his diaper again before daycare. 

I think I should get naptime too. 

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Potty training

It turns out potty training is not as direct as I thought it would be. Simply saying "here's the potty, now poop" doesn't work. We're an open-poop household-- there have been many times when all 5 of us have been in the bathroom together while someone is pooping (husband, me, kid, and 2 dogs), so you would think the kid would naturally want to join in. I didn't really think it would be easy, and we haven't even really started, but I can already see it's going to be a pain in my butt. He knows when he has to poop, he says "A poopoo" not only after he's gone but also when he just has the urge to go. That's all good. He sits on the potty fully clothed and rides it like a motorcycle. I guess that's good. But when it comes to sitting on it for it's intended purpose, no way. He squirms and whines when he needs his diaper changed, but just won't listen to logic. Who knew 22 month olds aren't so good in the logic department? Okay, everyone.

Oh no, what's that smell?

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Friday, August 4, 2006


Do I need another internet addiction? I kind of do like the way this is set up... I have to play around and see if it has the same level of protection that LJ does as far as friends-only posts and whatnot...

Cuz we all know I don't like sharing secrets.


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