Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good days

I have 20 minutes before the bus drops off SkyWalker. Both girls are napping and it is lovely. We had a pumpkin painting playdate this morning and because we were home/Chewie was fed enough/active enough/the planets were aligned enough/ she actually took a decent morning nap. Which will hopefully also mean a decent afternoon nap and then a decent night. We were thrown off when we had to postpone lunch so we could bring new pants to SkyWalker at school. And they were barely wet! He could have made it. They don't even smell like pee! 

The Princess was social and talking and having a great time this morning. She has been very clingy lately so that was really nice to see. And she must have actually gotten tired because she is sleeping! Yay! I decided to start getting her up at night and having her pee like we do with SkyWalker. Yes, I am deliberately interrupting her night time sleep so she will nap. Sounds funny, huh? Actually, she should get used to getting up to pee at night. I barely woke her up, just put her on the potty, she peed, and then she was right back to sleep. And her diaper this morning was not very wet at all. So there are multiple reasons.

SkyWalker was having a problem with a classmate but now they seem to be friends. It's so hard relying on a 5 year old for information. I wish I could bug him when he goes to school so I can hear/see things firsthand. 

Chewie woke me up at 5 this morning, which was annoying, but it forced me to get out of bed. I am SO glad I did. It is beyond funny that I, who used to sleep until noon, am now a morning person. Or at least really want to be. Instead of going back to bed, I stayed up, ate my first breakfast, had a cup of tea, used the computer, wiped down the toilet, swept, got dressed, and enjoyed the silence of no children. I woke the girls up at 7:30 feeling prepared for the day. And despite the school trip, it's been a good day. I will probably be falling asleep during Flash Forward tonight, but it is worth it. I hope it's easier for me to get up so early when we change the clocks. It's hard when it's so damn dark out. Hopefully the girls will adjust okay since I generally wake up them in the morning anyway. 

And now, I run to the bus stop/mailbox.

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