Sunday, January 3, 2010

What the haps?

It's increasingly difficult to find the time to blog... sometimes I really feel like my entire day is spent feeding people and cleaning up after them. If it wasn't for the iPod touch I would never be online at all. 

1. Chewie is doing great with the solids. I am so glad I waited until 6 months. I just started her on lunch this week. I've done everything on my own, except the cereal and prunes. She's had peaches and pears and sweet potato and green beans. I think I'll start peas soon. I did prunes this past week and they definitely worked. She seems to have her brother's habits and if I can get her to like prunes now I can avoid the miralax later! She's still nursing great & sleeping great and I barely remember her not sleeping 12 hours a night. Which is why I need to blog more so I'll remember things like that. 

2. The Princess just got over a bad fever. It must have been a virus, but the only real symptom was the fever. Her urine was clear and that was the big thing we were worried about. She complained about her tummy hurting, but never vomited or had diarrhea. She is almost never sick so it's always weird when it's her... it was much better than when she was 10-11 months old though. At least this time she could communicate with me and tell me what was going on & I could see that she wasn't in any pain peeing. But 104 fevers are just no fun, regardless of the source. It's funny, whenever I see someone say something about a fever and it's 99 or 100 I feel like saying that Crocodile Dundee line "That's not a [fever], *this* is a [fever]!" It's tiring when the others are sick, but when it's the Princess there's an extra level of worry that makes it emotionally exhausting.

3. SkyWalker has been home for a week and goes back to school tomorrow and I think we are both glad. It's been a good break with Vader home a lot & holiday distractions, but we both need to get back to our routines. And the girls and I need to leave the damn house.

4. Vader and I saw Clutch at a local venue. I enjoyed the show, but Vader was disappointed that they played all the songs from one of his least favorite albums instead of a mix of all 6. I'm glad we saw them in NYC first because they were much better there. I spent half the night worrying about the Princess (it was the first night of her fever) but it was still good to get out.

5. Christmas was good. SkyWalker got a big boy bike. The Princess got a little girl rocking chair. Chewie got the shaft. No, not really, she got her first doll & lots of practical things. They were all happy with the socks & underwear in their stockings (Chewie got diapers in hers because Santa is wicked funny). Because SkyWalker was happy with the long johns & underwear & crayons & chapstick & non toy items, the Princess was too. Santa did good with the bike & rocking chair and a couple of small things, but the rest was up to us & it seemed to work out well. 

6. We HAD New Year's Eve plans, for the first time since before I was pregnant with SkyWalker, but alas we could not attend because of the Princess and her fever. I was bummed & seeing the happy fun pictures of everybody made me bummed more, but I'm focusing on the fact that we had plans at all & that I was prepared to leave my children (for the second time that week) to do so. Which is huge for me. We DVR'd the ball drop since we didn't stay up and then we all watched it together the next day.

7. 2/3 children are now awake. I'd better pee while I can.

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Bee said...

sounds like things are on the up-and-up... glad to hear it!