Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One foot in front of the other

I swear this isn't turning into a running blog. Remember when all I blogged about was poop? I could do that again. 

I've been doing pretty well sticking to my running plan of fewer miles but more often. I've been doing decently with my speed, but it's a little easier for me because I'm doing lower mileage. I can't keep it up for very long... but I'm not in training right now and if I'm honest I probably won't run another race until next year's Freihofer's. I'm okay with that. I'm not really that competitive with other people. I do enjoy running with my friends (and am super psyched to be going out for an evening run tomorrow night with them!) but I don't have any racing itches. My biggest obstacle is myself so as long as I keep plugging away I'm happy. 

Which is why I'm super happy today. I ran on Sunday and Monday, and would normally run today (Wednesday) and Friday. We're doing a group run tomorrow night, so I could have not run today. I got my monthly girlie "friend" so I could have not run today. I should clean my house for my mother's visit so I could have not run today. I thought all of this as I laced up my sneakers, grabbed my strong running mama bracelet, reset my iPod, peed for the 10th time, and headed for the treadmill. I took it slow and easy. I ran 1.5 miles in a wee bit over 15 minutes (not much). Slow, but steady. Those 15 minutes were awesome. I had no pain. I just ran. I was going to run for 20, and then when I noticed how late it was I said I'll just do a mile, but when I got to 10 minutes I didn't stop. I just kept going. And when I got to 15 I didn't stop. I did stop at 1.5 miles but if I hadn't had to shower and get ready for children I would have kept going and going. As I stood in the shower feeling like I was having a baby all over again (yes, the pain is that bad, and yes I'm going to the doc next week) I contemplated getting out of the shower and going on the treadmill again. 

I'm looking forward to running tomorrow evening and may even run Friday again. I'm not really pushing myself so I don't think I need that much rest time.

My sister said she doesn't even know me anymore. Which reminded me of two funny running related things I forgot to put here--months ago, before the race, my Happy Runner mentor was telling her husband about my goals and progress and he said something about me being an athlete in high school. That's what he thought! I'm pretty sure I said "somewhere my brother and sister just fell out of their chairs laughing and they don't know why." HAHAHA. And then, just after the race when I took the girls for their birthday checkups one of the nurses randomly looks at me and says "do you run?". I looked behind me and there was no one else so I said "yeah." I was like, holy crap, do I look like a runner now?? And then she said she had seen me running in the city. 

Quiet time is sadly over, as is napping time. Which means my free time is over as well. I am sitting on the couch with an ice pack on my girl parts and for the first time regretting having to walk up stairs to get this baby. 

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