Saturday, August 21, 2010

Second 5K wrap-up

Today two of my strong running mama friends and I ran a 5K in my neighborhood. It started and finished at SkyWalker's elementary school. I had been hoping to finish in less than 30 minutes, but my primary goals were to run the whole way, not pee my pants, and to do better than I did in my last race. I did not finish in under 30 minutes. But I ran the whole way, I stayed dry, and I did better than my last race. I think the last one was 33:18 and this time I came in at 30:52. There weren't many people running so it was easy to start running right away. Too easy. I started out way too fast and then couldn't keep it up. A few times I wanted to just stop altogether, but I didn't, and I think I'm happier about that than I am about not finishing in under 30. I came close anyway. And I had been under the impression that my Nike+ needed calibrating again since it told me I ran 4.9 miles last Sunday and I was sure I had only done 4.5. But it was exactly what it should have been, which means I ran 4.9 miles on Sunday! That's only a mile and change away from a 10K. 

I'm pleased with the results even though I really wanted to do less than 30 minutes. My friends totally smoked me and finished in 27/28 minutes! 

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Bee said...

it really kills me how much you love running... but i'm super stoked for you! w00t!!!

Jedi Mama said...

Kills you how? Or why?

Bee said...

i just don't get it... i run if/when i need top catch my kids before they do something bad, if i am in danger of some sort, or (occasionally) for a little bit when i want to play an outdoor game... i just don't see the appeal in running all the time... but more power to you if you enjoy it!