Saturday, May 28, 2011

One day

Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since Isaac has died. In many ways it seems like an eternity has passed, but yet I still feel like I am out there on the deck watching helplessly.

It's not easy to grieve for a dog. Or a pet. People don't expect you to do it. They don't quite get it. There are no funerals or rituals or ceremonies to help you grieve and move on. So it tends to linger.

We move through our days. Quietly. Trying not to notice the absence. Trying not to feel the emptiness.

Haze sleeps a lot. She wants to be close always. She lays under the table as we eat, not begging, just being close. I let her.

I am glad that I am home. Glad that I have filled my house with loud children for her to follow and love. If I were working I am sure I would have quit by now just to stay with her. She has always been a people-dog. I am sure that one day she will be fine. We both will. One day.


Shinesalot said...

I felt the same...well...similar with Hali...she didn't die, but giving her away was one of the most traumatic losses for me as an adult...and people just don't let you feel okay about feeling that strongly about a pet....

Bridget said...

It's hard to lose a pet. They are part of the family too and non-pet people don't always get it...It will get easier though. Hugs.