Friday, January 31, 2014

January stats

I'm pretty happy with how January has gone as far as exercise and running is concerned. The weather has sucked big time, but I'm sticking to the positives here. I only missed two scheduled running days. One of those was weather/busy day and the other was an easy day I just had no motivation for. Most of my "long" runs have had to be on the treadmill because of the weather and I just can't do more than 4-5. Oh well. My tempo runs are getting better and my intervals are getting faster. For not having a specific race I'm training for, I'm pretty stoked about it.

I've also done really well sticking to my cross training schedule. I discovered I can log those in my running log too! If I can track it, I usually stick to it a lot better.


Mileage: 62
Runs: 16
Cross Training Days: 17

Last year's January was 24.8 miles! Once the weather stops sabotaging my long run I think I can get even higher. I haven't had a 60 mile month in quite some time, so I'm pretty satisfied.

One area I've fallen short with is stretching. I plan to do it but if things get wonky (early wakeups from naps, homework problems, etc.) I skip it. But I've noticed that I'm having a hard time keeping my legs straight in the air when I'm doing floor work. So I've been more diligent about the stretching the last couple of days. Last night I did a full 30 minute routine and today I did a shorter one after my easy run. I need to make sure I do the longer full routine on the days I run hard. I already noticed a difference in my core workout today. I think my hamstrings are getting too tight and I need to work it out before it leads to injury. So, stretching it is.

I really miss running with friends, but it is too cold for me in the dark early hours. I've also noticed that if I run too early for my long run (like right after breakfast) I have more problems staying hydrated. I need to run later so I can make sure I have enough water in me before I go.

I have been super good about my water consumption as well. I am tracking it on my iPad with an app so I can see exactly how much I drink each day. Because I *thought* I was drinking enough and I totally wasn't. I count my morning cup of tea and the occasional glass of wine, but for the most part I just drink water now. I don't leave the house without my water bottle. Most days I hit my goal. I don't count any of the food I am eating, so on the days I'm short, I'm probably really not.

I obviously need to work on the strength in my left arm since I have been holding a crying baby while typing this (the after nap crying for no reason nonsense) and my arm is going to rip out of the socket.

Tonight I am going out for a much needed Girls Night with some good friends I haven't seen in a while. And since I successfully did my run and core workout I'd better shower so they keep being my friends!

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