Monday, February 12, 2007

Bribery & other things

I know I've bored you all ad nauseum with SkyWalker's sleeping problems of late. I bought a Thomas the Tank Engine fleece blanket to entice him to his bed. No go. My mother bought him an entire Thomas toddler bedding set and a little Thomas flash light. I put the comforter on his bed and the sheets in the wash. He slept with the flash light, on the floor, but once Vader put him in bed under the comforter he did stay there all night. So it was progress. I finally did his laundry yesterday and put the sheets on the bed. The fitted sheet, the flat sheet, and I even got one of the pillows from the other room and put the pillowcase on it. He's never slept with a flat sheet or pillow, but I figured what the hell? I put the fleece blanket and comforter back on so the entire bed was just THOMAS. Apparently while I was at work he napped for 2 hours. In his bed. Okay, fine. We put him to bed last night, he said "I want night-night", crawled in his bed and stayed there.

I can no longer hate Thomas the Tank Engine. Even if he is a whiny baby.

We're having snack time right now and for some unknown reason SkyWalker flipped out when he caught sight of the old Veggie Puffs in the closet. He hasn't had these since he was a baby, but I brought them down for him, in addition to his animal crackers and Nilla Wafers. I made the mistake of letting him pour some of the puffs on his tray. And then leaving the canister within reach. He has emptied the entire thing on his tray. It is hilarious. Luckily these are really baby snacks, a serving size is 80 pieces, so I don't think it'll spoil his dinner.

We went to the OB for my regular checkup. He was such a good boy. Every once in a while I have to take him out in public to remind myself of how good he really is. The OB didn't seem too concerned when I told him what happened at the ultrasound on Friday. He's glad that it's being monitored with the ultrasounds, but is under the impression that a lot of cases clear up on their own. I did some research myself and found an article written by the surgeon who would do it (the one who did SkyWalker's hypospadious surgery) and the article says the same thing--surgery is a last resort and it was comforting to read that this doctor doesn't advocate immediate surgery. So I feel a little bit better than I did last week.  He also said that there's no reason for us not to have more kids.

I'll have to do that glucose gestational diabetes icky drink test soon. As well as get a shot in my ass again. We're up to visits every 2 weeks now. I can't believe I'm at that point already. Although by this time last time (25 weeks) I was only 11 weeks away from delivering. Kinda scary when I think about it. I have to be prepared to go at 36 weeks again, actually I should be prepared to go at 34, but man I am so NOT prepared.

SkyWalker has the hiccups and it's amusing me. Looks like someone is playing with his massive tray of puffs now, I should probably pay attention...

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Bee said...

Dude... I am soooo sick of everything being Spider-Man, but it keeps Boogie happy... He loves his Spidey blankets, and chair, and poster, and toys, etc... I don't think I would last five minutes after removing anything Spidey from our house... That would be like trying to tell Clark that he could not play the Wii for a night... Just not Kosher in this house! Teeheehee... Glad that you seem to be having a good day...