Friday, June 8, 2007


The average weight gain for newborn babies according to (a fantastic site for breastfeeders) ranges from 5-8.5 ounces a week depending on the source of the information. The little Princess went for her weight check yesterday. She gained 2 pounds since her last checkup, 16 days before. Do the math people, she's gained twice as much as the average. Hilarious. She is now 8 pounds, 15 ounces. Or well, she was that at 1 pm yesterday. I'm sure she's over 9 pounds now. Keep in mind that although she was 7 lbs, 4 oz at birth she dropped down to 6 lbs 11 oz when we brought her home. In conclusion, my boobs are magic.

Is it any wonder I'm so frickin' tired? I feed her A LOT. But I'm wearing my smallest shorts today, shorts that didn't fit me just last week (although I lost all the weight immediately except for a few pounds in my boobs, my belly was still somewhat flabby and I couldn't wear things that should have fit.).

My mother is here visiting and SkyWalker has conned her into getting up very early and taking care of him. I am, ashamedly, letting him get away with it. I can hear him over the monitor but I am in bed blogging. I am showered and dressed and relaxing a little while the Princess sleeps next to me in her co-sleeper. She's stretching and waking up and ha, right now she is putting her little hands on the sides of her head in a "why do I have to get up now?" manner which is precisely what I do at 3:30 am when she is demanding to be fed.

I should probably rescue my mother and bring the Princess upstairs to get dressed. It is 7:12 am. How on earth am I awake?

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Bee said...

Glad your boobies work so well! teeheehee...

bookishbiker said...

If you've already lost all the weight, it's more than your boobs - your whole BODY must be magic!

ayanna said...

rawk on. our boy gained 14 oz in a week (gee, i'm tingling just writing about it). i feel like yesterday i did nothing but nurse. hell, at least he's cute, and likes skin-to-skin contact. :)