Saturday, June 23, 2007

Time slips away

I close my eyes and open them again and another week has passed. It's amazing how quickly time goes when you're not cutting it up into work weeks and weekends. Every day is the same and they all speed by...

Anyway. I have  no idea how much time I have to write since the Princess has refused a nap and SkyWalker just fell asleep nearly half an hour ago. Maybe I won't write in complete sentences so I can update everything that needs updating. There should be a new rushed mom blogger language. Ha.

1. The Princess had her ultrasound and VCUG yesterday. She does not have reflux. What she does have is a duplicated system on the right kidney. Which means that instead of one ureter coming out of the right kidney she has two. And one of those is a little messed up. We'll do another ultrasound in 3 months and if the dilation has gotten worse then we may need to think about surgery. But for now it's so slight that they are willing to "wait and see". The fact that she has two ureters doesn't matter. Lots of people have them (and in telling the in-laws this we discovered my FIL has it. Umm.... hmmm we could have used that information...). She's doing quite well, gaining a lot and starting to sleep in longer chunks at night. We're getting a good day routine going (which of course she is rebelling against by not napping right now.)

2. FIL's cancer has not gone away. The radiation did nothing. In fact the tumor may have grown a bit. He's getting another round of chemo. If that doesn't do it I don't know how many options are left.

3. We bought one of those playsets today. Well, we picked it out and put it on the credit card and the in-laws will be paying the bill. Which is a good thing since if we were paying the kids would have an imaginary playset. It was over $3k. That's a lot.

4. Isaac hurt his leg. We thought it was a torn ligamant and that he might need surgery but the radiologist said it looked more like a soft tissue injury so we're just giving him pain pills and hoping it will get better in 2 weeks. He's been limping bad. He is my problem puppy. :-( And this comes on the heels of my brother putting his dog down (the dog he got right after we got Isaac).

5. Big changes at the library. Seems as if when I go back in September Bossman will not be there. I'm surprised but not surprised. I didn't think he would ever really leave. But he's been doing things lately that I didn't think he would ever do so I guess I'm not really all that surprised. I hope whoever gets hired fits in because we are a funky department.

6. Finally, since I just heard SkyWalker start whining, potty training! It took just a few days but they were hard. SkyWalker is now potty trained, wearing big boy underwear. Still in diapers at night but getting drier and drier and waking up in the middle of the night wanting to pee on the potty. I tried to do that every 30 minute scheduling thing and it was a nightmare. He held in his poop and screamed and cried. Finally I told him he could poop in a diaper he just had to ask me for one. So he did. And then he proceeded to poop in the potty and just wear underwear. As long as he thinks he's in control... We haven't had any accidents in a while. But he has a habit of getting up prematurely and walking out of the bathroom with a turd in his crack. Because he just goes potty by himself and then tells me about it later. Which is somewhat helpful when I'm feeding the Princess, except when he leaves turd trails. He's doing really really well though and looks amazingly cute in his cars underwear.

I try to get on vox whenever I can and read even if I'm not posting. Crikey, the Princess must be hungry sooner than she should be (the nerve!). SkyWalker has momentarily quieted down. I'd better take care of her while I have the chance.

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bookishbiker said...

it's going to be an interesting challenge to learn how to get Skywalker to both do what you want AND think he's in control! but hey, the diaper plan was a really good one, so maybe you'll have more brainwaves in future. good luck with the kidney thing for the Princess. I'm sure she's in good hands.

Bee said...

I totally read this yesterday and thought I posted, but I am glad I second-guessed myself and checked! Just wanted to say how happy I am that Princess is doing well (and may not even need surgery)... It's really cool that SkyWalker is potty training so well, too... Rock on! Feel free to come in and visit us this summer -- we will need some cheering up...