Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Jedi leave the house

No, not for the first time, but we've only made small trips to the library and Target. Monday we went to the indoor playground across the river. There was NO ONE there. Defeats the purpose (socialization). Finally 2 boys showed up who live nowhere around here. SkyWalker had a good time though. Then we went to Denny's, SkyWalker thanked the waitress for his food without me telling him too, the Princess screamed when she did a huge poop, and I flashed some poor man when she accidently pulled my shirt down with her crazy arms (I was not even nursing). We had to use the library drive thru since they were both overdue for naps (I've gotten SkyWalker to nap again, woo-hoo!) and the Princess has decided she's no longer going to nap in her carseat. Should make the trip to LI real fun.

My left boob is about to explode. I fed her at 6:30 last night. It is 6:42 am now. She stirred at 5, I gave her the pacifier and reswaddled her and she went back to sleep. I could have/should have exercised this morning but I was afraid she would wake up in the middle of it. I'll go up there at 7 and wake her up if I need to. I remember the first few weeks thinking I would never get to this point, and yet here I am. And quicker than her brother. It's just amazing.

She gets more and more beautiful each day and smiles and laughs and is just happy. SkyWalker constantly makes me laugh and I still can't believe I'm here. It's not easy--juggling two kids, two dogs and a house but this is what I was meant to do. I'm even more sure of it now. While I like to say that my house is a mess, it's not. It's in relatively good condition. Laundry is done, the dishes are done. The bathrooms are cleaned every once in a while. ;-)

We went on a picnic yesterday in the backyard. All 3 of us. These are the things that I missed while working all day. Because we just didn't get around to that stuff on the weekend when I had laundry to do and other crap that had to be crammed into 2 days. Not to mention our weekly obligation to the in-laws. I wish that Vader could work less and had less lawn maintenance to do so he could enjoy some of this too. But his demands at work are growing and even though he's cut out mowing some of our lawn it still takes a good 5 hours to do the rest. And of course the in-laws take time away from us too.

Isaac is at the vet now. He slept there last night but his surgery is not until this afternoon. Vader said he was fine and happily went with the vet tech. (He's probably glad to be on a little vacation away from the kids!). Haze whined a lot last night but slept okay. SkyWalker was very gentle with her and put his little head on her back, rubbing her back and said "What the matter Haze?". Made me cry more.

I should have pumped some of my left side when I did the right this morning. Holy moly man. (I feed the left and pump the right for the first feed of the day). It's making me sweat and we all know that I do not sweat.

It's 6:54 now. I hear nothing. I think I'll go up there, give her the vitamin and get some relief.

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Bee said...

I still cannot believe how very different we are... I would be going stir-crazy if I was still at home... Somehow, my manic personality finds it less stressful to just load/unload the dishwasher and do laundry in the beginnings or endings of work days... When Boogie is in bed, it's my chore time... After that (at night), I take a little TV time... Somehow, when I was home, I couldn't stop focusing on what needed to be done and just relax or enjoy myself... I may not be around Boogie as long every day, but I find that it is easier to dedicate some "quality" time to him every day now... To each her own, I guess! You and your puppies are in my thoughts... Try to have a good day...