Monday, July 30, 2007


Seems so odd that we have to teach babies to sleep. Shouldn't it be hardwired? You're tired, you sleep. Not that hard of a concept. Anyway, everything I've done from day 1 has been to teach the Princess to sleep just like I taught SkyWalker. Well, she's beaten her brother. She's done a few long stretches since she was 7 weeks old. The other night I fed her at 8, she was asleep by 8:45 and didn't wake to feed until 5 (and went back to sleep until I woke her at 7). Last night I fed her at 7:30 and she started fussing at 6 am. I managed to hold her off until 6:40. I didn't want to feed her at 6 and let her think we were starting her day then, and I didn't think it would work to feed her at 6 and then again at 7. But 6:40 was close enough. She was hungry enough to take her whole vitamin (she's been spitting it out), she ate a lot, and went down for her nap beautifully and has made it past the dreaded 45 min mark. We've been battling the 45 min demon for at least a week now I think. She'll be 11 weeks tomorrow, SkyWalker was 11 weeks when he started doing 8 hour stretches.

Isaac is getting dropped off at the specialist tomorrow night, getting surgery on Wed, and being picked up Thursday. Haze will be out of her mind. Isaac will need to be in a crate for 2 months to recover. Haze will be OUT OF HER MIND. I will go crazy if Isaac barks all day. We'll have the tranquilizers so hopefully he'll just sleep and if he's not barking she won't either. But this will still suck.

It's funny--this was supposed to be the best summer ever. Home with my kids and dogs. And while the kids part has been great, now the dogs won't be on the deck in the sun anymore. And my best friend is wicked busy trying to sell her house so she can move away.

We had the neighbors over for dinner Saturday night. It was nice. The boys played together. The daughter is just over a year and was walking around everywhere. The Princess was mostly good although she was a little fussy. The dogs were pretty well behaved but I think they were still a little nervous. At least they've been to our house now, they can make their own decision about whether or not to come over again (without the Dads being home to control the dogs). Although now Isaac will be in the crate and Haze will be mopey so maybe it wouldn't be a problem anyway.

I was going to take the kids to the local indoor playground today in an effort to get SkyWalker around more kids. It fricken closed! There's a new location that's not too close to here and sounds bigger than I really want. There's another place that's smaller and somewhat closer that we can go to, but I'd really like SkyWalker to meet kids that he will eventually be in school with. Although I suppose he can do that when he starts preschool next year. We'll probably go to the smaller place. Less convenient, but there's really no where else we can go.

I am watching Cars for the 3rd time. I am glad I have to take it back to the library today. But I think we'll wind up having to buy it.

I got my new glasses and contacts. My eyes jumped a lot. A 3 power jump. Sigh. I will be blind one day.

I keep trying to get this big hunk of wax out of SkyWalker's ear and he keeps squirming away. Oh, but it's right there. I can get it, just stop moving! Oh yay, he got it himself. :-)

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Bee said...

Well, I know that sleep training plays some part in things, but I think the luck of the draw plays in a little too... Luckily, for you and me, we have kids that don't really have sleep issues!