Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up

I feel like the last week and a half have just flown by. The painting took nearly a week but is finally done. I wound up having an allergy attack to the paint fumes--my throat hurt so bad it felt like it was closing up. It's better now but I keep having coughing fits. My house is still a wreck. I got the kitchen mostly organized last night but I can't move big furniture and the living room is just in shambles. I love how everything turned out. My husband doesn't quite like the kitchen, which means I made the right choice. I hope to have pictures soon. 

I don't have many pictures from Halloween either. SkyWalker was not very cooperative. The Princess had a good time as a cat burglar and seemed to enjoy the idea of people giving her candy. That Mommy got to eat later.

The weather has gotten to me. I am lacking in energy or motivation to do anything. I seriously considered wearing sweatpants to storytime today. I am feeling my hibernating instinct very strongly. Unfortunately I have to work this weekend so no hibernating for me. 

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1 comment:

Felice said...

I have been fighting the hibernation urge, too, since the time change. The only thing that has saved me this week is the warm weather. But just barely.