Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've been allowing my son to play in the office by himself (or with his sister). I accept the sacrifice of balls and cars everywhere and even marker on their little faces. I had ONE rule. Do not go in the basement. I heard him in there the other day and I explained that there are mouse traps he or his sister could hurt themselves with and any number of inappropriate things. Our office is in the finished part of the basement, separated from the unfinished part by a door.

Today as I was getting ready to come to work I heard the door open and a little voice say "Come here Princess." I ran down there. The first thing I saw was a big wet spot at the bottom of the stairs. From my water bottle... which was in my diaper bag.. which was on the floor down there when it was supposed to be in the living room. Open. Fine, you say. So what? He didn't open the diaper part, he opened the front zipper part and took out all of the gum. They didn't know what the hell it was so they just unwrapped it ALL and left the pieces on the floor. The hand wipes and hand sanitizer on the floor. My SWISS ARMY KNIFE on the floor.

That's not all.

He shows me three little cars (disney CARS) I bought for Christmas. I said "ACK!" I grabbed them from him and went into the basement where the christmas gifts were hidden. In Target bags. He opened EVERYTHING. Tore things out of boxes. He knew they were presents even though they weren't wrapped. He opened his sister's stuff. I am so annoyed.

I don't expect him to be perfect. I'm annoyed that he opened the stuff, but I understand that. What I am most angry about is that I told him to stay out of the basement and he not only didn't do that, he brought his baby sister in there! He is no longer allowed to play in the office by himself. Which is going to suck ass since that's the only way I've gotten any peace lately. I will probably relent after an appropriate amount of time.

And now I have to figure out what the hell Santa is going to get him and his sister.

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Bee said...

i'd say to give them the same presents... after a few days, they won't remember which presents came from whom, so this will not ruin the magic of christmas for them... is there a door to get into the unfinished side? (i don't remember)... you could always get a eye and hook closure for the top of the door... or, if there is no door, you could always find a way to child-proof that side so they can't get in... just a of luck!

Jedi Mama said...

Oh they're getting the same presents alright. There are a couple of things that haven't arrived yet and I had planned on those being from us and everything from the basement being from Santa but it might be the other way around now. And SkyWalker drives me CRAZY with what he remembers. But I'm sure by the time Christmas comes he'll just be excited to be getting anything.

wickedlibrarian said...

*gasp* You mean, kids do stuff their parents tell them NOT to??!?!
*is shocked and appalled*
(also doing a bit of pointing and laughing. This is really funny!)