Sunday, December 19, 2010

I ran today

Which may not seem significant since I've been doing that on a consistent basis since last March. But here are the facts:

1. It was 20 degrees outside
2. It was 20 degrees outside
3. It was 20 degrees outside

"It was cold" is kind of an understatement. I had wanted to wait until later in the day when it might warm up (it's 30 now) but Isaac's ear is a mess and I didn't want to jeopardize my run because of him needing to go to the animal hospital (we think the outer flap of his ear is infected but not the inner ear. That's what we hope. He's wearing his old cone-collar from his last surgery and looks pretty pitiful.), so I decided to run when I could. Even if that meant in 20 degrees. I could have run on the treadmill and once it starts snowing I'm sure I will, but the road was clear so I had to brave the cold. Our road is never plowed very well so I'm quite sure that when the snow and ice comes I will be inside for my Sunday runs. To reward myself for running in the cold (have I mentioned it was cold?) I ran further than normal partway down one of the big hills, which meant coming back UP the hill. I have been avoiding the hills since I started running outside, but I recently decided that I should challenge myself in some way. My friends are running a half-marathon in the spring and training for that. I have NO DESIRE to run 13 miles. I have NO DESIRE to run more than 3-4 to be honest. But that doesn't mean I have to keep doing the same thing all the time. My last goal was to to come in under 30 minutes for my last 5K and I did that. So now I'm going to try to work on my endurance more and run those hills. Even if it's slower.

I think I deserve a cookie.

But the rat bastards in this house--the ones who don't do ANY OF THE BAKING--ate them all.

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