Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another year

Last year we had NYE plans but couldn't go because the Princess had a big fever. Never fun, but especially not with a kid who had 3 surgeries to fix her kidney problems. Luckily this year there were no fevers, we had babysitters (all the way from Long Island) and we celebrated the New Year with good friends instead of going to bed at 10. Again.

This last year has just flown by though. I truly feel like it was just LAST Christmas and here we are cleaning up from another one. Last year I had a baby and now I have a walking climbing trouble maker; last year I had an insane 2 year old and now I have a mostly sane 3 year old; last year we were adjusting to kindergarten and now we've got a big first grader who takes his sister outside to play in the snow all by themselves.

It's been a really good year in many ways. New cousins were born. New friends were born. New habits were born. I logged a total of 299.6 miles in 2010, which is 299.6 miles more than I did from 1975-2009. I'm not giving myself any specific running goals for this year... the only goal I have is to keep on running.

Chewie has just fallen asleep, the older two are playing in the living room and I am hiding downstairs in the office so I can work. Which means I should probably do that.

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