Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why we love DK

As a children's/teen librarian I always liked DK books. In particular, the nonfiction books are always very visual and kid friendly. I bought SkyWalker his first DK encyclopedia when he was very young. I followed that up with another one this past Christmas.

Facebook has a lot of problems but the one thing it does really well is what it was actually created to do--keep people in touch who would otherwise not be connected because of distance. I discovered through facebook that a high school friend of mine worked for DK. Since SkyWalker enjoys the encyclopedias as much as we do (he and Vader read a section each night) I told him that I knew someone who worked for DK. He and the Princess were impressed and scoured their DK books looking for her name. I mentioned this to her through facebook. Her response? Have each of them pick 5 books from the website. For FREE.

WHAT? FREE DK books?? We eagerly inspected the DK website. SkyWalker chose another of encyclopedia and some Star Wars readers. The Princess chose some princess books and fairie encyclopedias. We were giddy! It was like Christmas all over again.

She also said to never buy a DK book again, that she would be my source... but you know what I did right? I bought SkyWalker a DK dictionary soon after. While we love free books, we love DK more and in this publishing world we need to support them! I just want to publicly thank Rachel Kempster and DK for helping to feed our addiction.


Shinesalot said...

That is pretty darn awesome! Great story!

capitaldistrictfun said...

I LOVE DK. This reminds me of once when someone who worked at Scholastic chatted me up at the museum where I worked. The next week an entire boxful of Dear America books appeared. I was so excited I cried.