Friday, April 19, 2013

New race, new plan

7 weeks of training fun! 
I'm still sad and angry over the Boston Marathon bombings. I'm sure every other runner out there feels the same way. But I'm trying to focus on the future and on the things that I can control--which is very little.

Now that the Dodge the Deer race is over I'm setting my sights on my next 5K: the Freihofer's in June, which if you recall was my very first race 3 years ago. I am SO lucky to have a friend who loves to spread the joy of running so much that she makes training plans for her friends. Felice made me a new plan to get me where I want to be for the FRW and I took it and incorporated it into an overall exercise schedule which is now proudly hanging on my fridge. Unless I have a plan on the fridge it seems less official. I like to check off the runs and exercise that I do. This week got a little screwy with an unexpected stomach bug coinciding with my first scheduled run. Life happens. I plan on having the rest of my runs checked off and not crossed off, but when you're a Mama of four, sometimes unplanned things happen.

While so much seems out of my control and there's so little I can truly do to end the appalling violence our world seems hell bent on creating, I'll check my runs off, tickle my kids, see my friends, and try to hold on to the humanity we have left.


bakinginmybathingsuit said...

Oooh a fridge plan. I like that.

Good luck with your training. I'm working towards the Workforce Challenge and then Freihofers. See you there!

Jennifer K. said...

So organized! I wish I could plan that far in advance, but whenever I do, I end up changing everything anyway.

GoddessLibrarian said...

Ha! There's already changes! I need to plan in advance though. Makes me feel settled. I'm great at planning, not so much at doing.

(christine) said...

I live in the neighborhood so I decided to sign up for Freihofers. Its the weekend before my half marathon so it'll be more of a shake out run but I'm excited to do it. Despite being from the greater Capital District, I've never done this race!