Sunday, December 31, 2006

Row Row Row Your Boap

First, let me just say that SkyWalker is sleeping, that *I* put him there and there was no crying or getting out of bed and minimal nonsense. I had wanted him to be in bed by 8, but I just don't think that will ever happen again. That's the downside to a kid who sleeps past 8 if you let him... Anyway, he didn't want to read any books and as soon as I told him his time was up and shut the light he started saying "book". The librarian in me hates to say no, but the Mama has to. Shockingly enough he laid down in his bed and didn't get up when I left.

It's NYE and I doubt I will make it to midnight. We didn't last year. I don't think I even care anymore. Sleep is way more important.

Funny things the boy has been saying/doing: We've pretty much given up on any formal potty training, but in an attempt to tell him how things work when I changed his diaper one day I told him that Mommy and Daddy pee and poop on the potty. He has decided to make that his new catchphrase and when he has nothing else to add to the conversation he says "Mommy Daddy pee poopoo". Yeah, thanks.

The past couple of nights during bath time we've been singing "Row Row Row your boat." For some reason Vader loves that song. I find it very difficult to sing and really don't see the point of singing at different times. Anyway, we did it the first night and SkyWalker enjoyed it. The second night he asked for "Row Row Row" and did this hand motion like he was rowing a boat. Maybe he picked it up in daycare? Maybe he's just brilliant? Maybe he was having a seizure? I don't know. Anyway, we did it again and he joined in with row row row. So we tried to get him to say "Your boat". Instead he says "your boap." Which is how he's been saying boat but it was even funnier coming at the end of row row row. So for the rest of the night he kept screaming "Your boap" at me. Tonight we tried to get him to say "boaT". He says "boap. T." It was hilarious.

Good times. :-)

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Big Boy Beds and other things

Vader and I decided that SkyWalker's "big" Christmas gift would be his toddler bed. Not that SkyWalker really cares about "big" gifts or anything like that but it made me feel better. I bought the bed back in July and we just hadn't put it together. Friday night Vader assembled it, brought it to SkyWalker's room and made sure the mattress fit in it (we only have one mattress). SkyWalker jumped on it, loved it, and said he wanted to sleep in it. We left the crib in his room partly in case he freaked out, and because we had to take it apart to get it out and it was just too late. Around 2 am, we heard him cry, Vader went upstairs and he was standing between the bed and the wall, apparently he had fallen out. Vader put him back in. Around 7 he cried. By the time Vader got to the stairs he was done. When Vader went up there after 8 to get him up he was back in his bed. The next night there was no crying. He's been in his toddler bed ever since.

The only problem has been with me--SkyWalker has been resisting sleeping for Mommy for a while now. He did it with the crib too, so it's not a bed issue. But with the bed he can get out of it and refuse to lay down. Which is what he's been doing until Daddy comes upstairs... but that's a problem SkyWalker and I are going to have to work out on our own. Other than that, he's been great with his bed. He stays in it until we go up and get him, he hasn't asked for his crib and doesn't seem to really care that it's gone. He usually adjusts to things pretty quickly so I don't why I was stressing over it before.

Christmas was good. SkyWalker got lots of nice presents. His unholy love for Thomas the damn Tank Engine has been solidified. Ugh. We got matching sock monkey pajamas for our Christmas Eve gifts. And we looked pretty damn cute wearing them.

Vader shocked surprised me with a speaker docking system for my iPod. Very very nice. I actually got teary.

I am posting from work because no one showed up for my anime program. So I am taking a little break. I never take my second break. But now I am.

It seems like the entire world has this week off. Except for me.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Holy lack of motivation

Lookee me, posting from work. Ah well. There were many years I never took my two ten-minute breaks, so at this point the library OWES ME time. Right?

I am in a funk. I know, I know, when am I not in a funk? It has been painfully slow in the children's room, there were flurries this morning and it's wicked cold (when it was just in the 60s last week) and all of this leads me to want to just snuggle up somewhere and take a nap. Not really conducive to the whole working thing. I'm going to a teen workshop thing tomorrow so hopefully that will break up the monotony of this week. I think people are probably out shopping as there are no storytimes so there's no reason to come to the library.

SkyWalker has been talking more and more lately. It's so funny to watch. I've known for a while now that he had a much larger vocabulary than one would think--we use flash cards with him and he tell him to point to the various words/pictures and he always gets everything right. Now he's finally starting to say those words back to us. He's always loved the alphabet too and I am no longer allowed to sing anything other than the alphabet song. If I start singing something else he interrupts me to say "ABB!". The past few days he's been identifying letters whenever he sees them and he repeats each letter back to us. He never does all of them each time though--for some reason he has to say "No" to letters that I know he can say but he just chooses not to at that time. Last night Vader and I were with him before bath time and Vader pointed to each of the letters in his alphabet puzzle and he identified most of them correctly. He gets a little impatient though and wants to skip ahead so he points to his favorite letters (right now it's "W"). He knows the difference between the M and the W now (he used to use them interchangeably) and he says W so cute-- "douba". He's growing up so quickly and turning into a real little boy.

It's probably good that we don't have comfortable chairs here. I think I could fall asleep right at the desk. Although if I did I certainly wouldn't be the first one of us to do so... ;-)

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