Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Ups

In an effort to not cry in front of my kid again and to not be so *morose*, I've decided to focus on the positive things in my life right now. Build that wall back up so to speak. So here's what's going right in my life.

I single handedly potty trained my toddler in less than a week while I had a 4 week old baby. That's pretty awesome. Okay it took two hands, but still they were both mine.

I have gotten my almost 8-week old baby to successfully sleep in her crib and be on a structured routine during the day, as well as go 7-8 hour stretches between feedings at night. (Unfortunately it's from 7 pm to 3 am, but I'll take what I can get). She puts herself back to sleep and does not need my boob to do it.

I've trained myself to be a morning person and get up before the children do so I can start the day fresh and not grumpy.

I do step aerobics 3 times a week and am going to be adding in some weights soon. I've lost all of the pregnancy weight and do not look as if I had a baby a mere 8 weeks ago.

I have over 100 ounces of frozen breastmilk.

I get along with my siblings and parents now and no longer feel the need to run away from them.

The playset is wicked awesome and I have someplace to swing now. I mean, SkyWalker has someplace to swing.

Isaac's leg is getting better and I don't *think* he will need surgery. My dogs spend most of their day lounging outside, playing outside, and seem happy that I am home and they are not locked in the house.

I am not working. And when I go back in September it will be so part time I don't have to deal with daycare. And Daddy will have time alone with both kids (and get a taste of my life... tee-hee). I will *hopefully* be able to take a step back and enjoy being a librarian and not get entrenched in the political ridiculousness that goes on.

I have a wonderful group of online friends who have supported me through everything and although they are scattered throughout the country their support means everything to me.

I have my Princess and my SkyWalker and any other kids I have will just be icing on the cake. If I have two more boys, yay (although now that SkyWalker is acting like a toddler boy I might have to retract that yay), if I have two more girls yay. I have one of each and that's what mattered to me, as silly as that might seem, And even though SkyWalker is acting like a toddler boy and driving me crazy he is still a million times better behaved than most of the children I've seen at the library. He treats his sister well and for the most part behaves himself. I'm not embarrassed when I bring him to the neighbor's house.

I should take a quick shower while I still can. Oh, Oh, I forgot! One other good thing in my life right now? I don't have frickin pink eye.

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bookishbiker said...

Hooray for white-eye!!! That's a great list. I think it's awesome that Vader will get some solo parenting time in the fall - I think that's really great for everyone concerned. And the fact that he will appreciate your awesomeness more than ever is a lovely side bonus :-)

Bee said...

There is one slight problem with the Vader time, though... Kids always seem to go easier on the daddy... Anyone else notice that?!? Teeheehee... Can't wait to have you back, and kinda wish you were gonna be back full time, but I'm still glad to hear that being a SAHM (more often than not) will work out well for you and that things are even looking up right now...