Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 2 of the QTE

I just got out of the shower. The sun is still shining (!) and there were no children in the shower with me or in front of the TV. There were also no dogs and that was kind of weird. I digress. It is day 2 of the Quiet Time Experiment. Why didn't I stick to my guns before? 

We had a playdate this morning--we made bell shakers with pipe cleaners and jingle bells--and then went outside. It was a wonderful morning (aside from my poor friend being allergic to my house!). When everybody left I cleaned up the mess (it's always funny--the house is a disaster after a playdate, but no more so than when it's my 2 kids alone. And because everyone made the mess I don't fight with my own kids to clean it up. I just do it and they help and there's no yelling and fighting or time-outs. And it gets done so much quicker. Ironic.) and SkyWalker said "I don't have to get off my feet today so I don't need quiet time." Good one. Yes, I know where he got the "get off my feet today" from. I told him that he's going to have quiet time every day now because it's good for him and good for me. Strangely enough when it was time to go upstairs he didn't argue. He is upstairs now, after an hour, and I can hear him playing with his legos. Yesterday he made a mess of the legos and his puzzles but he didn't pull the sheets off the bed or the clothes out of his dresser. It was just a normal mess of using his stuff. I told him today to clean up after himself but I can deal with having to put legos back in the bin if he doesn't do it on his own...

In conjunction with the QTE I'm also trying to get the Princess napping at a normal time again. Lately she's been going down at 2 or later and then sleeping well past 4. Bedtime can be a hassle. And when SkyWalker starts kindergarten he'll be getting home in the afternoon... it would be better for her to nap at 1 for a couple of hours. Yesterday and today I've gotten her down at 1:30. So we're moving there. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do 1 or not because of preschool and lunch. But 1:30 is better than 2:30. 

If it weren't for the "get off my feet" thing right now I would fold the clothes and do the dishes and be productive now but I can honestly say that I am enjoying just sitting here. The dogs are sleeping. Isaac has finished scratching himself. The house is quiet and peaceful but not empty and lonely. I really hope I stick to my guns this time so that QT is firmly established when this baby comes and I need all the quiet I can get.  

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Felice said...

Get off your feet time is good!!! Stick to your guns. Enforce QT!

Shinesalot said...

HALLELUJA, sister!

Bee said...

You're rocking the QTE... Keep it up!