Thursday, May 7, 2009


I think when normal people "nest" they like to clean in addition to getting stuff ready for the baby. Not being normal, but instead a librarian, I have no desire to clean any more than I did before, i.e. none. But I need to have things organized. If they're not organized that bugs the crap out of me. I can't stand clutter now. The fact that I had no clean underwear (that fits my ginormous belly) didn't bother me as much as the clothes that were piling up on the closet floor. I had a decent sized layer of dust on the dresser in the living room until just last night and the only reason that was wiped away was because of the playdate this morning. There can be dust all over the house but as long as things are where they are supposed to be, I don't give a crap. 

I have the pack n play set up in the living room, bedding washed. The infant car seat is in the bottom part of it right now to keep it safe from curious hands. The fabric cover has been washed. The co-sleeper is in the bedroom and has been cleaned and new sheets put on it. It's not attached to the bed yet because I'm not *that* crazy. The high chair has been cleaned and is waiting in  the kitchen. I have the padding for the swing cleaned but Vader still needs to get that down from the attic. All of the gender neutral onesies and clothes have been washed and are in the dresser. The Princess's dresser clothes have been moved to a smaller dresser in her closet so she can pick out her own clothes. The crib has been ready for ages since it was never taken down after the Princess vacated it. The baby's bag is packed with going home outfits for both genders. I haven't packed my own yet, but I have the bag in the room and will probably do it any day now. 

I am 33 weeks tomorrow. 

It's not that bad. I think I had everything pretty much ready at 28 weeks last time because I was so paranoid about going early again. The first time I didn't have things done until 35 weeks and what happened? SkyWalker came at 36. The only big thing that still needs to be done is the car seat and I don't want to do that too soon because it involves moving SkyWalker all the way to the back. I'll probably have Vader do the big switch at 36 weeks,  

We have one name decided on but are still negotiating the other. I have never been so tempted to find out the gender. But we won't. 

I think everything that needed to be washed has been done. As soon as Vader gets the swing down I can see if the plastic needs to be cleaned at all and then get the padding back on it. And then I think I can sit down and stay off my feet for the next 5 weeks. You know, after the dishes are done and the regular laundry and the toilets cleaned and the children fed. 

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Janis said...

You are getting so close now!

Janis said...

It's official, only my first sentence EVER posts in your comments....that is really annoying...i think that's why i haven't commented lately....who knows if you will get this message or if it will cut this off too....i am not gonna

Shinesalot said...

You're making my womb "itch". I'm just under 10 weeks behind you....but reading that post makes me feel like my time is much closer. The waiting at the end is so unbearable...and I really can't talk because I'll be picking a birth day in the next month or so. Well, sounds like you are all set to go! Super fun.

Jedi Mama said...

My womb was itchy last week. I had to use monistat.