Friday, May 29, 2009

Baby on the brain

The last week has just flown by. I feel like I close my eyes at night and days have passed by when I open them again. In reality it's just a mere few hours since I have to either pee or I wake myself up when I roll over onto my back. It is almost impossible for me to stay asleep on my side. The belly just moves the rest of me whether I want it to or not. 

The QTE has been going well. SkyWalker is getting used to it and even if he claims he doesn't need it, he is not fighting me on it. He plays with his toys in his room and as of yet he has not made any "destructive" messes--like pulling all the clothes out of the dresser or the sheets off his bed. The messes he makes are small and contained and clearly the result of him playing with his toys. And he's using his imagination a lot more. An added bonus is that he's watching TV a lot less since he would always want to watch something when the Princess was napping. The rest of the house is actually staying organized and clean. Okay, not necessarily clean, but straightened up. And even more important, I'm feeling more relaxed as the afternoon/evening goes on. I can handle the nonsense without feeling like I'm going to explode. I managed to turn his whining into laughing this evening and that was with only an hour of QT because we had a special visitor (one of my old library teens who has just graduated college and is this mature young woman now and just amazing). 

I got a lead on a mother's helper/babysitter from the BF and I finally called today. I had been hoping that my neighbor's kid was coming home from college but alas she did not. I scheduled a preliminary visit in a couple of weeks (next week is really busy) when I will need it most. 

I am 36 weeks today. When I was 36 weeks pregnant with SkyWalker I delivered him. ;-) When I was 36 weeks pregnant with the Princess I was on work bed rest and SkyWalker was in daycare so I was able to stay off my feet (and blog a lot--look at May 2007. It's funny.) I do not think bed rest is an option when I'm already home and I have 2 children who need things. I am quickly getting to the point when I will have to stop doing laundry because it's just too hard to bend. Emptying the dishwasher is a pain in the neck. Or back really. Next Thursday is my last night at work, which is good because I will probably start falling asleep driving home! 

Oh, driving! Yeah. This weekend we're doing the big car seat switcheroo. The booster seat is already in the back row of the van. SkyWalker's car seat has to come out. The Princess's car seat has to go where SkyWalker's is (behind the driver) and the infant car seat will go where the Princess's car seat is (behind the front passenger). I've been dreading moving SkyWalker all the way to the back and wanted to wait until we were close because I know how he is with routine and change and he likes to hold his sister's hand when we drive and yadda yadda yadda. Guess who told me on Wednesday that he wanted to sit in the booster seat? Just randomly said it. And sat there, buckled himself in (with a little help), unbuckled himself at the appropriate time, and smiled the entire way. I cannot believe that it worked out so well. When things are "his" idea it's so much easier. It was perfect timing. The Princess seems to be adjusting to not having him next to her. I think she will like it better when she is in the other spot because then she'll be able to look back at him (right now he is behind her). And I'm sure she will be distracted when the new baby comes and she won't be too lonely. She's going to be a pain in the neck getting in the car--she already is. If I'm too slow she'll jump up front, sit in my seat and say "I'm driving!" and refuse to come out. Once we move her she's going to have more time to get away. But once the new baby comes it will be easier for me to drag her out than it is now with my big fat womb. 

For the past 3 days I have had 64 ounces of water each day. Some friends made a pact to do "something" for 30 days in order to make it a habit. All sorts of different things. And since I really need the water now and will need it when I'm breastfeeding and am horrible about actually drinking enough, I chose to go with drinking water. I'm actually not peeing any more than I was before, which is kind of funny, and the BH contractions are not any less painful or frequent so I don't feel as bad for not having "enough" water before. At this point I think I'm going to be having these contractions no matter what I do and I just have to wait until this baby comes out. 

And here's a funny thought. I realized this morning that it was just LAST July that I stopped breastfeeding. And here I am about to start again. Yeah, I think we're going to have a bit more time between #3 and #4... 

And I officially have baby on the brain since I cannot type a paragraph without alluding in some way to the impending arrival of the latest jedi. It'll be over soon. I swear. 

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Gina said...

Wow I can't believe you are in the home stretch already! That is great about the booster seat - he is definitely ready for it!Good job with the water too, it WILL help with the BF. I "forgot" to drink some for like 2 days after Tony was born and it was painful (midnight trip to get some laxatives)!!!