Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mishmash of random unrelated things

I'm happy to say that nobody's milk was spoiled. We had to throw out some chicken, but you all know I'm not crying about that (I hates the chicken, I do). Vader and I were able to pull off the back wall in the fridge, blow dry some ice away, and we now have a working fridge. I ordered a $20 part on the internets and hopefully we'll get it soon and we can prevent this from happening again. So much better than needing to buy a new fridge. I do think we will get a freezer though. We have a lot of frozen stuff--chicken nuggets and fish sticks for the kids, frozen vegetables, pizza, etc. And when I make spaghetti sauce and turkey balls I like to make more than we need and freeze the rest. Same with turkey meatloaf. It would be nice to have more space to do things like that. 

I also need to get a new steam mop. Less than a year ago I got the Shark Steam Mop. I knew people who had it, I did the research and read the reviews. It worked great on my bathroom floors and was so much easier than anything else for getting little boy pee off the floor. I loved it. And then it stopped working. It just won't steam and that's a pretty crucial part of the whole process. I tried running vinegar through it to clean out any accumulated deposits. I tried that CLR stuff. Nothing works. I decided I'm done with it and I'm giving it to my sister--so she can try and get the handle off and put it on her Shark mop. Because her mop, that she had for less than a year, is also broken. The handle just snapped right off. We spent $80 for this! And what will customer service do? We can pay to ship it to them and they'll fix it or send a new one and I'm sure we can pay for that shipping too. Screw that. For $80 this thing should be working right and if it doesn't I should get a free replacement. So I am now in the market for a new, different, steam mop that will let me clean the bathroom floors quickly and easily. If anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them. 

Vader goes back to work tomorrow. I'm not quite ready for that. And not only is he going back to work, but because he was so busy before and then he took 2 1/2 weeks off, he will be working late every day this week. Luckily my mother is coming on Tuesday and staying for the rest of the week. Otherwise I would have some stinky kids. I don't know how I would give all 3 a bath! Maybe he'll be home in time for that though. In any event, we've all gotten used to Daddy being home and although he has done a lot of outside stuff he's brought both SkyWalker and the Princess with him which has been very nice for me and for them. The Princess especially has really enjoyed having some Daddy time. Hopefully my mother will be enough of a distraction for SkyWalker and he won't miss Daddy too much. I'm not thinking about next week yet. I do have someone coming over on Tuesday morning who is a potential mother's helper.  I don't have the cash to have someone everyday, but once a week would be nice. And when we go to the beach. If it ever stops raining. 

I think I decided to go with Chewie as a blog nickname for the newest member of our family. It actually makes sense for reasons I shall not disclose. Chewie has been doing well, she's up to 6 pounds now and is nursing well. She's been getting more vocal, particularly in the middle of the night. The other night she had really bad gas and when she wasn't nursing she was screaming so we were up all night. I did not get up at 5:30 yesterday. I took her temp when we did get up just in case because I am now paranoid mama after the Princess and her kidney problems. Her temp was fine and she did a big poop shortly thereafter, which was another reason I took her temperature. Never underestimate the power of a thermometer up the ass. She did much better last night and actually did a 3 hour stretch (she hasn't been going more than 2 hours lately) and then she started crying again. She pooped a couple of times, the loud explosive kind, so hopefully she's getting it out and tonight will be better. I remember when SkyWalker had problems as a baby he would always want to nurse all night long until he finally got it all out. And the Princess would always have her big poops in the middle of the night.

It is wet and raining again, as it's done all week. This is sucky, BUT the rain meant that Vader did not have to water the trees so that was good. And it's filling up our pool, albeit slowly. We're trying to fill up the pool without emptying our well. Our water is so messed up--with the sulfur and the clay--that have two filters on it. The chlorine filter takes care of the sulfur and works immediately, but the clay is different. That filter uses something called F-86, some chemical and it mixes with the water in a big tank and makes the clay settle at the bottom. It takes time to work. If you take a lot of water out of the system it doesn't have the time to do its job. And then the water gets all cloudy and dark. Which is how our toilets looked on Thursday when we started filling up the pool. This is why I wanted Vader to do it in May so we'd have more time to get it done and balanced and could enjoy it for the summer. Although with all this rain we wouldn't be using this week anyway. 

The dogs went to the vet the other day to get their outstanding shots. Isaac has been doing okay with his leg. It's clear that it's not exactly right, but he has some days that he doesn't limp at all. We've been giving him an arthritis vitamin every day and that might actually be helping. Vader mentioned the leg to the vet tech, but the actual vet didn't even say anything about it. So unless he takes a turn for the worse I think we have avoided surgery. It doesn't make sense to do it when he can still function and run and doesn't seem to be in any pain. We have a new shampoo for him to try to help his itchiness. And he apparently has a consistent low-grade yeast infection in his ears. Vader cleans his ears constantly. The next time he starts scratching and head shaking again we're just going to shove some monistat in his ear. Haze, of course, has no problems but has put on some weight. She is now over 60 pounds and Isaac is over 70. 

And I should get off the internets and do something productive for my last 30 minutes of freedom. 

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