Friday, June 19, 2009

Somebody's milk is going to spoil

I've been seriously considering getting a separate freezer not just for my accumulating breastmilk but also so we can stock up on things that we eat all the time. There are 5 of us now, with plans for another, and the freezer in our fridge is not really all that big (it's a side by side fridge). The freezers are not that cheap if we want a good one that will hold more than just a few things, but I think it would be worth it in the long run. So I've been researching them. Can anyone guess where this story will end? I will give you a hint, the old me would think the universe was plotting against us. Now, I just think it's funny. Irritating as all hell, but funny. 

Our fridge isn't working. 
We heard a clicking noise a couple of weeks ago but it went away. The last couple of days I noticed that things aren't as cold. We have about 3 gallons of milk there. Gah. I looked it up online since we have no manual (fridge came with the house) and because there is also some frost on the freezer side it looks like one of the defrost things may not be working. So we'll have to take everything out of the freezer, open up the back wall, get to the coils and if there's ice we'll have to melt it/dry it with a hair dryer. I don't know if that will solve the problem or just be a quick fix until we can get something else. 

How funny is that I'm looking to spend money on a freezer and at the same time the fridge decides to die?? I'm not quite sure we'd have the money to buy both a new fridge and freezer. Unless maybe we can get some kind of deal for buying two together? Hopefully we can fix the fridge before all the food goes bad, and do it quick enough that the frozen stuff (like my breastmilk) doesn't go bad too. Should be fun! It'll be a race to see who's milk will spoil first!

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Gina said...

If you do end up having to buy new appliances check out some of the rebates and incentives they are offering for buying energy efficient products. I think this website has more info:

Shinesalot said...

My dad and his family of five cannot live without their freezer full of staples. I hope it works out so you can get one.

bookishbiker said...

did you find any really great sources for diagnosing freezer problems? I think mine is dying but I want to be informed before I tell the building manager. My main symptom is that my ice cubes are clearly melting/evaporating over time. They're very dome-shaped and shiny right now. But I feel like and idiot presenting that as a symptom!

Jedi Mama said...

This is where I got the info I needed to fix our fridge problem:

bookishbiker said...

Thanks for the link! I described the symptoms to a friend and she says that's normal - it's the way our freezers remain un-icy. Oh well!