Monday, August 3, 2009

Blither blather

People who read this blog, and there are some, must think I am completely bipolar. It's either how great everything is... or how sucky everything is. The fact is most days are neither. Most of our days are made up of tiny happy moments and tiny stressed out moments. These days I feel no strong compulsion to blog. I don't find it necessary to say we had an okay day or to update on the minutia of my life ... that's what twitter is for. Do you really need to know that at this moment I am finger combing my hair and don't know for sure what this sticky stuff is but could guess that somebody spit up on me? Yuck. 

We all went to the dentist today and for the first time SkyWalker opened up and let the hygenist clean his teeth and let the dentist look at them. I was so relieved. He needed a form for kindergarten and this was the 3rd or 4th time we were trying the dentist! The first few times he cried and screamed. The Princess also let the hygenist count her teeth and look at them. 

Tomorrow morning we have an exterminator coming to hopefully get rid of our yellow jacket problem. They've made themselves an entrance to our house and have done a bit of damage to the wall. Good times. We also go to the Princess's ultrasound tomorrow where we will hopefully hear that her insides are all fixed and she will not need antibiotics again. Because it's getting a bit old and she's getting a bit too used to having medication every day. 

I have a sinkful of dishes and baskets of laundry and I would like to just sit on the couch with a bowl of cheese doodles and watch some mindless TV. Dog barking and baby screaming can take a toll on me. I can deal with baby crying... but baby screaming is different. Chewie goes from fine to SCREAM in about 2 seconds. I actually started watching her eyes today to make sure she was looking at things... I thought maybe she couldn't see. But she looks at us and smiles at us and I think she is just very vocal  and has very little tolerance for whatever she doesn't like. Maybe she thinks she's got to scream the loudest to be heard. In any event it is irritating. She doesn't cry all day, she doesn't cry for hours, she's not colicky, but when she screams, even for a moment, it pierces my soul. She has her 2 month check up on Friday so we'll make sure that everything is A-Okay.

Vader is on vacation in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. I'm sure he's got some type of project in the back of his head but instead he'll be taking us to a semi-local animal preserve and maybe mini-golfing or bowling or whatever his children want to do to have fun. Although Daddy's idea of fun is sitting home and watching Wipeout (admittedly that is funny), his children like to go places. And do things. And in a strange turn of events their mama is starting to like it as well.

I've put the dishes off as long as I can... Vader will be home... some time... and I'd rather he not see me sitting on my butt in front of the computer when I have dishes and laundry and things to do. Which is silly since he always sits on his butt in front of the computer with dishes in the sink. When I've been feeding a baby for what seems like hours. Ah well...

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