Friday, January 21, 2011

Mall Runners

I have just had the most awesome winter running idea. Most of my runs are on the treadmill regardless of the season because of the small creatures in my house I need to take care of on a daily basis. But once a week when I have backup I hit the road. I've been doing really well sticking to it when it's been below my comfortable temperature of 50. I've run when it's been below freezing! But I draw the line at negative numbers. This weekend is supposed to be really cold. REALLY cold. I don't want to run outside, but I don't want to run on the treadmill either. I don't have a gym membership so I can't just drive to the Y and use their indoor track.

And then it hit me.

The mall.

How perfect would that be? I know that there are mall walkers. Why not runners too? We could stop at the security desk and get a badge or sticker or some identifying thing to alert people that we are mall runners and not shoplifters. Run. Stop at the food court and get a drink/snack. Do some shopping. As we're running past the shops think of all the goals and motivation! Do an extra mile and buy that shirt in the window you just passed! Other people would see us and think "Wow, that's cool! I'm going to go to Dick's right now and buy some running shoes!" It's a win-win situation for the mall! And they don't even have to do anything. When I run outside I don't have a sidewalk or a pretty little path. I have broken up asphalt and dodge the holes and dead animals. The mall doesn't have to have a designated running path. We can just dodge the people. It'll make it interesting.

This is it, people. Let's make it happen.


anotheryarn said...

The mall near my old house opened early (like an hour before the shops IIRC) for mall walkers - why not see if a mall walking thing is in place near you and inquire if running would be okay too?

Shinesalot said...

You are a riot. Go for it, sister!

Anonymous said...

You can at Crossgates from 7-10 Monday-Saturday.

GoddessLibrarian said...

Really??! That is awesome. Thanks for the info!