Friday, February 22, 2013

My February Vacation

My February Vacation
An Essay

It started off well enough on Friday with a rare date night. Dinner, movies, dessert. Saturday was spent with my sister and her family just playing at home and thinking how we need to see each other more often. Sunday Chewie took a nap. This doesn't happen. The first shoe had dropped.

We went out to dinner with my sister and when we got home Chewie threw up. She went to bed and threw up some more. I cancelled our Monday playdate. Monday morning she was running around playing and fine. My sister went home and Vader went to the woods to cut down a tree. In the afternoon Chewie took a turn for the worse and got another fever and I think she may have thrown up again so I decided to call the doctor (since Vader was home, it would be the best day to go). I called at 3:15 but the first appointment they had was 5:25. Chewie and I went, she had a 102.3 fever there, they checked her urine because of big sister's history, swabbed her for strep, checked her ears, and all was negative. They heard a little wheezing in her lungs but by this time it was damn near 7 pm so we were sent home with instructions to take her for a chest x-ray if she had a fever on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning she was running around fine. I was smart enough to do my intervals.  Tuesday afternoon she was laying on the couch with a fever and threw up again. The doc called just as I was cleaning out the garbage pail and said take her for a chest x-ray, so I packed up all 4 kids and we met Vader there and Chewie had her x-ray. No pneumonia, just a virus. An expensive virus. We went home, Chewie slept on the couch and then went up to her bed--by herself--and slept through dinner. Sometime in the middle of the night we were awoken when SkyWalker threw up. Huh? The only one without any coughing or other symptoms.

Wednesday morning Chewie was fine. SkyWalker did not throw up again. He went upstairs to read and took a nap instead and came downstairs all discombobulated thinking it was Thursday. Chewie once again failed in the afternoon. I started to feel a wee bit weird but shook it off and did my strength shot and total body band workouts. By dinner time I knew I was next. Vader got home at 6, I went to lay down, threw up around 9 and didn't get up until 7ish the next morning.

We cancelled our Thursday playdate. Chewie seemed to do a little better. She didn't take a nap at all, which kind of sucked. The Princess was coughing and began getting snotty. LightRunner started coughing. I felt a little weak, but tried to run anyway. It didn't last but only because in the ultimate everything at once story, I got yet another plugged milk duct and felt feverish and ill.

We cancelled our Friday playdate. I'm fine. The Princess is not coughing bad. SkyWalker is fine. LightRunner is coughing a little and has his first tooth coming! Chewie has been a nightmare. She has been crying the entire day because things aren't going her way. No more fever, but she's behaving worse. She had a fit in Target (yes, I had to get things. I took them to Target.) because I wouldn't let her  take another tissue when she had a perfectly good one in her hand. She is currently crying because of, well, I don't know.

I look forward to school breaks and spending time with my kids and having fun and this just SUCKED.

But, in the spirit of looking for the bright side--no one had to miss school (yet). I don't have to take off work. And I saved a lot of gas money.

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