Monday, February 18, 2013


You may have noticed that I've been talking a lot about my running and exercising and fitness lately. You're not the only one.... the good people over at Beachbody--they're the ones behind the popular P90X series--also noticed and wanted me to pass some information on to you*.

P90X Certification

If you've enjoyed the P90X workout series and are interested in teaching, they are now offering a certification program. It's a 2 day workshop resulting in official certification enabling you to take your skills to the local gym and teach a class. The price is $498. That seems a bit steep to me, but I have never done a certification program and am no where near being capable of doing one, and I'm kinda cheap. If that sounds like your thing, check out the link here.

If teaching is NOT your thing and you're looking to step up your exercise game instead, Beachbody has two programs you may be interested in:

Brazil Butt Lift Master Series

Three different kits, Base, Plus, and Elite, promise to help you train like a supermodel and "shape, lift and firm your booty." Leandro Carvalho's routine works the three major muscles of the buttocks, the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. The basic kit includes the workouts, stability ball and online support. The Plus and Elite kits also include more supplies like yoga mats and weights. The video looks like this would be a fun workout. Check it out here.

Insanity: The Asylum Volume 2

This dude is hardcore. And so is the Insanity workout. Seven new pro athlete routines exercising your abs, back, legs, and more promise to help you get your body leaner, stronger and faster so you crush the competition. This is not the workout for this busy time-strapped beginner exercise mom. But if you don't have kids needing to be nursed and wiped every few hours, this looks like it would be a killer workout that would help get you to your running A goal. Check out the full program here.

*Please note, Beachbody has not compensated me at all for passing along the information. I have not tried these workouts and am not reviewing or endorsing them. Just passing it on to you!

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