Friday, March 1, 2013

February Wrappin' Up & Catchin' Up

I am not sorry to see February go. Although it's the shortest month, it was quite full... full of coughing and snot and fevers and vomiting and general blech. Buh-bye February! Here's to a healthy March!

Lightrunner was the last to catch the February break virus. His fever broke a few days ago and his coughing is not nearly as bad as it was. He seems to be back to his routine instead of nursing and sleeping nonstop. When I took him for his sick visit on Monday he gained a whole pound since his last checkup. I didn't get to see our pediatrician, but I haven't heard from her so I'm assuming that was enough. As long as he's going up, it doesn't quite matter how much. He's eaten green beans (the first time was with green beans I had frozen from my garden!) and today he had peaches. I bought an avodaco, again to fatten up one of my kids, but he got sick and wasn't eating anything. I didn't want it to go bad so I mashed it up and froze it in ice cube trays. Hopefully it'll be okay when we try it! 

I'm trying to catch up now with all the crap I couldn't do the last couple of weeks. Lots of laundry, cleaning, blog reviews and assorted "to do's". I kind of always feel like I'm catching up though... so maybe this is just how it is. I will never get ahead. Like Sisyphus I keep rolling that rock of laundry up the damn hill and it keeps rolling back down on me. 

February sucked as far as exercise goes. If I wasn't helping a sick kid, I was helping a sick me. We literally started the month sick and ended it sick. But I did manage to run more miles than I have since I got back to it, which is not bad when you remember it's the shortest month!

Mileage: 34.3
Runs: 11
Cross Training Days: 8
Cross Training Sessions: 14

I discovered that my first goal race is a month earlier than I had planned. Which obviously has pushed training earlier too. So I've "officially" started although this week has been less than stellar. But today is a new day, new month, and time to get down to brass tacks. 

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