Thursday, January 31, 2013

January recap

Although January is not quite over I just finished my run so it might as well be. I'm not planning on doing any more running today, although one never knows when the bus might just drive on by with my kids still inside or maybe Chewie or Haze will escape. But I think it's a safe bet that my running for the month is over.

It was once again a low mileage month, but I'm okay with that. It's January, I have a 6 month old baby, everyone has been sick, I'm doing the best I can do.

Mileage: 24.8
Runs: 8
Cross Training Days: 14
Cross Training Sessions: 23

Keep in mind that the exercise program* I've been following is broken up into 10 minute segments that don't have to be done consecutively (which is good for busy moms!). So on a particular day I may do a 10 minute core routine and then later on do a 10 minute kickboxing routine. I'm counting those as different sessions.

I've tweaked the schedule a bit so I can have a full do nothing rest day on Sunday. There were then some days that called for 2 cardio sessions and I had a run planned, so I wound up using the run as the cardio. I'm going to have to figure out what--if any--other stuff I want to do on my running days. There are only so many things I can do in a day when I have a baby to feed, a preschool to feed and transport and children to get off the bus and dinner and blah blah blah.

*As I've mentioned A LOT, I'm following Jessica Smith's Thin in 10 plan (with my own modifications). Whatever I don't watch off the DVD I get from her YouTube channel & watch on my iPad (like kickboxing or toning walks or specific lower/upper body exercises). I've added a link to her book over on the side right there --------> Not because she asked me to, but because I truly recommend it to anyone who needs to find a way to incorporate exercise into a busy mom schedule. The exercises are easy for me to follow & I think I might actually have fun doing them. So weird. I try to stick to the 10 minute or shorter ones right now, but she also has plenty of long ones if you don't have a baby/child needing you every 2 minutes. I'm really not trying to lose weight--honestly--but to just be a stronger runner. So focused exercises are really good for me instead of a generic aerobic workout which would be good for someone trying to lose weight, so I gravitate towards the shorter specific routines. Regardless of your goals or fitness levels, I think you'd find something to work for you too. I don't know who "you" um, is. I guess the handful of you who still read this. Or strangers on the interwebs looking for superhero birthday party ideas.

Speaking of which it's now time for me to pick up my snot producing sick baby and attempt to once again feed him. He must be on the mend since he willingly ate every 2 hours the last 2 days and today he was not into it. Let's hope because sick infants are tough!

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