Sunday, March 3, 2013


This is a non running post. Shocking, I know.

There probably won't be any paragraphs either because the washing machine just stopped so I need to get clothes out of the dryer and into the dryer.

So a list of all the balls I have dropped as of late:

1. I lost two checks for girl scout cookies. One was from my mom. The other from Vader's co-worker.
2. I forgot to call my brother on his birthday. I did send him a card--the one I forgot to send him last year.
3. I forgot to use the coupon code when registering for the half-marathon so I didn't get the $10 off I should have.
4. I still haven't done my taxes.
5. I forgot to ask for Lightrunner's second flu shot at his sick visit (although they may not have given it to him if he was sick) so I have to call yet again and go in yet again.
6. I keep forgetting to find a place to donate the girls' old clothes so I have boxes piled up in my bedroom.
7. I'm sure there's more and I can't even remember what I've forgotten.

Can it be summer now?


Anonymous said...

Hehe You said Balls.

I know. Immature.

You'll pick them up and get them going again...and summer will be here soon!

Librarina said...

I don't know what sizes you're giving up, but my sister-in-law has a 10 month old and would happily accept hand-me-downs!