Saturday, March 30, 2013

March wrap up

In just one week I will be running my first postpartum race. But that's another post.

My "training" kicked up a notch for March and it shows. I ran my highest mileage month since before I found out I was pregnant with Lightrunner. Unfortunately my cross training took a nose dive. We were wicked busy for various reasons and I was really focusing on the running and blah blah blah excuses. I'm happy with the running though--I've continued with my local running friends and it's made a difference with my solo runs. If I don't have to stop and walk with them why do I think I need to stop alone? I don't! The last couple of solo runs I've been able to keep going and to go faster because of running with friends.


Mileage: 52.5
Runs: 14
Cross Training Days: 5!
Cross Training Sessions: 5

I haven't had a 50+ month in quite some time and considering that I had to deal with that UTI and traveling and doctor visits and all sorts of distractions, I'm pretty happy.

I meant to type so much more but I have little ones climbing on me and demanding things.

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