Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Runoff goals

This is it. Tomorrow is my goal race. Naturally I have pulled a muscle in both my neck and lower back. At first I thought it was my hip and I was not excited about that prospect at all. But after some stretching and rolling and icing it's definitely my lower back and not my hip. There is a pretty good chance I just pulled something picking up children or doing absolutely nothing at all. I ran Wednesday and although I took it really slow and added walking breaks, it didn't bother my running. Hopefully it won't bother me tomorrow.

The race is supposed to be fast and flat. It won't be too hot or too cold. It's at 10 am so I'll have lots of time to eat and drink and prepare. I pretty much have NO excuses not to do my best. (There's one actually. The city double booked the route and there will be a fundraising walk going on at the same time. They are giving us 20 minutes before they start. Ugh.) A couple of my speedy friends are doing it and I am planning on using them as the "rabbit" so to speak. I won't be able to catch them completely but if I can keep them in my sights it'll motivate me to move faster.

Last week I attempted mile repeats on the treadmill while the Princess was coming down with strep throat. I got one mile done, she threw up, I cleaned up, started the second mile, she threw up again, I called quits. I was so disappointed because I have had mile repeats on a training plan 3 times and I have never been able to do them. But I didn't give up this time. Vader came home a smidge earlier than usual the next day and I went to the high school track and did them there. I had planned on doing 3 repeats at an 8:30 pace. The first one I did 8:44, the second was 9:00 and the last was 8:40. So not quite 8:30 but I didn't stop to walk during each mile like I would have wanted to do on the treadmill. I did walk in between each mile. I did my half mile repeats and quarter mile repeats just fine, so I'm hoping I am ready and the adrenaline of the race will give me that extra boost.


C. For the love of all that's holy beat 28:30
B. Better than 27:35
A. 26:30 (or really anywhere in the 26 range)

The only downside is that I will be missing Chewie's very first soccer game. Her game last week was cancelled. I will also be missing her game next weekend because of the Ragnar. I know she'll be playing lots of games but there's nothing like the first. If I'm sacrificing that I'd better do the best I can do.

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