Thursday, December 27, 2007

The "How I spent my Christmas" post

Let's go back to Friday. I think it was Friday. SkyWalker and I decided to make snow globes out of baby food jars. Here are my mistakes:

1. I decided to make snow globes out of baby food jars.
2. I used oil.
3. I ran out of baby oil and topped them off with canola.
4. I let SkyWalker do the glitter.


They did not come out well. He had fun though and that's what counts right? But he used all the glitter, literally ALL of it, so I can't make any good ones myself.

Sunday was Family Breakfast day and as I went to get SkyWalker's morning mug... I dropped it and it broke. It just chipped the top and if it was mine I would still use it, but not for a 3 year old. This is the SECOND morning mug that I broke. I just wanted to cry. At least this time I have the certificate so I can get a new one for half price, plus shipping. You know I'm going to order the damn cereal bowls to go along with his morning mug now... I can't not get him a new one, because he loves it (it has his name on it) and because his sister has one too. I have to prove that it's broken in order to get a new one 1/2 price. More work for me to do.

Then I made chicken parmesan for dinner and forgot to fry the chicken first. I just kept it in the oven longer and it was "okay". But still.

We made sugar cookies together. I should have learned from the glitter but I didn't. SkyWalker did the sugar crystals. They were COVERED with sugar. Apparently it's hereditary though because when Vader saw them he said "Oooh, just the way I like them" and ate about 10 in 2 minutes before I could stop him. SkyWalker ate the cookie dough and the sugar crystals but insisted he didn't like the cookies. Then they both went in the living room and beat the crap out of the spongebob punching bag-thing. Then Vader fell asleep on the couch.

We decorated the tree on Monday. I broke an ornament. One of the ones from Hawaii. I fixed it with my glue gun, but still.

I had wanted to eat at 3 on Christmas but we went to the in-laws and stayed too long and wound up not eating until 4:30. I made turkey lasagna. My dishwasher is not working. I had/have to hand-wash everything. Good times. Sears will be coming on  January 11 to look at it. January 11. Gah!

Christmas itself was good. It was the first year that SkyWalker was *really* excited. And whenever he is happy and excited so is the Princess. And then, so are we. And that's what it's all about right?

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Bee said...

Don't beat yourself up over crafts and cookies! You know how many moms never make the effort to even try that stuff?!? I think that focusing on the fun is definitely the right way to go... Especially during the holidays, we all need to cut ourselves a little slack...

hamikka said...

not to add more stress to an already stressful time but: photos of these famed snowglobes? you owe your fans that much. :)glad to hear you survived!