Thursday, December 6, 2007

One more thing

Because so many of you first started reading about this on my LJ, I feel the need to update you all here (since I never remember to even log in over there anymore!). FIL is officially on hospice. He is not getting any active treatment for the cancer. He is continuing the fluids that he has been receiving, which is good. If he were to stop the fluids he would be dead in a couple of weeks. He only has one functioning kidney and he just can't keep up with all of the drinking to keep himself hydrated and flush his system... Since he is continuing the fluids he will just get weaker and weaker until his heart eventually gives out. I would not be surprised if he decides after Christmas to stop the fluids, but I could be wrong. They can't say how long it will take but I think months rather than years is likely. He's on pain medication now which seems to be helping a little bit. The important thing is that there is a nurse there everyday and one always on call so MIL will never have to decide if he should go to the hospital or not. She just calls the nurse and the nurse comes and decides. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts over the years... especially the academy (you know who you are).

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