Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It was 80 degrees today

And my son wore his snow boots to the post office. He also had chapstick ALL over his face so he had a nice shiny complexion. Oh and the snow boots were on the wrong feet. With no socks. And yes, I did allow him to leave the house like this. The post office was just down the road and we needed stamps and more importantly needed to just leave the house for a few minutes. A lady was there and all she said was "What good children". I had to point out to her the snow boots and she hadn't even noticed them she was too engrossed in the cute well-behavedness of my children. Too funny. 

On Friday SkyWalker and I were musing about the staircase wallpaper and whether or not we could do it ourselves. The Princess woke up so I went to get her and when I came down... SkyWalker had started without me. He got quite a bit of it done too. It wasn't in a destructive way... he honestly wants to help me. Unfortunately it didn't come down as well as the kitchen bit did so it looks like crap right now. But that would have happened whether it was him or me. In fact it wasn't until I started pulling some off that we realized that it wasn't easy. 

We rode on Thomas the Tank Engine on Saturday and it was totally worth the 2 hour drive and $18 tickets. SkyWalker was less impressed with Sir Topham Hatt and tried to run away rather than take his picture with him, but other than that it was great. He got a new shirt, a new hat, a placemat and a balloon (Nana went with us). The Princess got a balloon and has been very happy with it. SkyWalker really wanted the Thomas shaped balloon and we walked all over the place when finally they blew up more and we got one. It was SO windy I held on tight to both balloons and wouldn't let him have it till we got to the car. Everyone got in and just as I was about to I looked and all I had was a blue string. No balloon. It just broke from the string and was up in the air. If I could have flown I would have. My mother thought I had lost my wallet from the look on my face. And then I saw the look on SkyWalker's face... My mother went back down and got another balloon and held on to the actual balloon and SkyWalker was happy. He could have had a wonderful day but he was so set on that balloon that not getting it would have ruined the entire thing.

I heard the most shocking thing yesterday morning. We had a guy come out to look at our floors and give us an estimate on refinishing them. The dogs were outside at the door. His exact words were: "What well-behaved dogs you have! I'm sure they want to come in and jump on me but they're being so good." I was in shock. They weren't barking, they weren't even whining too much. They were scratching at the door a bit but he was right, they were okay. Either they really liked him or more likely it was the 80 degree weather and they were too hot and tired to be a pain. They've actually been pretty good today too. They like being outside and hot as much as I do. 

We have a playdate on Friday so we've been cleaning the house today. I wasn't sure if I was going to do the bathrooms just yet when SkyWalker told me that he had peed on the wall. I went in there and sure enough he peed on the wall. Next to the sink. On the opposite side of the toilet. I said "um, how?" and he said "I peed in the sink but I got the wall." My husband claims that he has not done this in front of our child but since he has done the same exact thing I will still blame him for passing on his ridiculousness gene to his son. 

I should be cleaning but I am not. I really hate cleaning. It's never done. I'm not very good at it. I like doing things that get done. When I rip a piece of wallpaper I will NEVER rip that piece again. It's gone. It's done. When I do a load of laundry I still have another to do tomorrow. Same with the dishes. And sweeping and the bathrooms and all the other crap. I have a checklist on my fridge of what needs to be done and I check it off each time I do it. It's partly to remind me that I have to dust or vacuum or whatever but it's mostly so I can see that I did actually clean the kitchen sink even if it's a mess again the next day. So I can see some kind of progress. I'm not a housekeeper. I'm a SAHM and there's a difference. I don't want to waste all my time cleaning when I'm supposed to be with my kids. But at the same time I can't live in filth and neither can they. I don't run out of clean clothes and the dishes don't pile up for days. We don't have ants or creatures eating off our floor. Well, besides the dogs. I know that I'm not as bad as I could be but I still look around and see all of the dust and wish that I could wave my magic wand and have it all gone.

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Bee said...

So much alike, and yet so different... I am reveling in my day of cleaning, and I am sure you would feel the same way... Unlike you, though, I don't seem to get as bothered by the dust and dirt type stuff... I rarely dust, vacuum, sweep, or mop... Still, the dishes and laundry slay me... Damn our OCD! And, as for the balloon thing... I am so glad you realized how devastating that was for SkyWalker... I lost a unicorn balloon when I was little -- the very same day I had finally convinced my mom to buy it -- and I still remember feeling so helpless... My sister and her friend were the ones who opened the door to the porch (which let the balloon escape), and my mom acted like I was an idiot for caring about that balloon... I swear, I still have flashbacks when I see some other kid losing a balloon... (I'm so messed up!)

Jedi Mama said...

I almost never dust or sweep and very rarely mop. I only vacuum when it's absolutely necessary (the only carpet is upstairs). But with the Princess crawling everywhere all the dust and crap gets all over her clothes and it's so obvious. Once she starts walking I will go back to not giving a crap about my floors. It only bothers me because I think that's what people will see when they come to my house....which is why I only worry about it before playdates. :-) My big thing is clutter. I HATE clutter. I would rather have the toys picked up than the toilet cleaned.

Shinesalot said...

What a lovely blog entry. You've been busy, busy, busy! Because we have so many playdates at our house...and perhaps because Papabear's mother keeps SUCH a clean house, I actually vacuum every three days or so and mop once a week! I am feeling extremely anal. I am (and probably will always be) a little jealous of how well behaved your kiddos are. Littleman had the biggest tantrum of his life in a fast food restaurant today. I almost called you to ask for help. Full lunch crowd restaurant, I had Nini, Littleman was shrieking and throwing his sneakers...it was...totally devastating. Anyway, I'll call ya tomorrow and tell ya all about it. It sucked...but I'm alive and I didn't lose my cool until we got to the car.

lozzykiwi said...

"I peed in the sink but I got the wall."Hilarious! My partner sometimes pees in the sink (why?! there is a perfectly functional toilet right there!!) so I read him this and told him he better not pass it on to our son - he had a good chuckle :)

Jedi Mama said...

We've had our moments but they're usually at home where it's easier to teach him that he will not get what he wants by behaving like that. We rarely go out to eat, when we do I almost always have another adult with me to help diffuse any situations. It's a treat when we go to a restaurant and he knows it. He knows if he gives me any crap when we're out there is a very real possibility that he will never leave the house again. I don't think you can make that same threat. :-p