Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Mothers are no strangers to sacrifice. We sacrifice everyday to make sure our children's needs are met. I have recently switched to whole-grain pasta and bread so the kids and I eat the same things. Sigh. I sacrifice sleep and brain power on a regular basis. Today I sacrificed a box of tissues:

My house is never clean and straightened up at the same time and this is why. I had the audacity to spend time in the kitchen cleaning today and then to fold laundry. The kids' laundry ironically enough and this is how they repaid me. It was mostly the little one but big brother was only too happy to help.

My kitchen counters are now clean. The floor? Not so much. Those are the fridge letters that the little Princess thought would be really funny thrown around the room.

Apparently in my house clean and straightened up are mutually exclusive properties. If I clean something you can bet there are toys all over the place in the living room. If the toys are straightened up you can beg there's piss on the bathroom floor. This also works between the different levels of my house. If the first floor living room is okay, the basement "office" that is quickly becoming a playroom is a mess. If the office is okay the kids' upstairs bedrooms are a mess. My house is proof of entropy. I think. I'm not sure if I remember what entropy means.

I realized today that my children are perfect counterparts. I make a turkey sandwich. SkyWalker removes the turkey and eats the bread. The Princess removes the turkey, eats it, and throws the bread on the floor. Perhaps I should just let them share one sandwich.

I have been attempting to work tonight. I have music CDs I need to buy for the department. I finally got an account to do so... and the vendor sucks ass. The searching is horrible. They don't have anything on my list. I am very discouraged. I'm going to eat some string cheese and try again.

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hamikka said...

gee, i had this phrase in my head today:

"Entropy. It's not just a good idea, it's the law."

Guess I was thinking of you!

Shinesalot said...

Wow - those pics are awesome! What a little duo...

Bee said...

Dude... I can't imagine if I had another kid right now -- Boogie makes my house look like that all on his own!