Sunday, May 11, 2008

This radio sucks

We're having snacky-snack. We meaning me and the Princess. We're eating nilla wafers while the boys are putting up the new garage door opener (finally). The Princess has one in her mouth and one in each hand. She has been unbelievably cute today. 

I don't have very many NC stories. It was a long drive. And after 2 days of driving to get there I had to rather forcefully say that we should go to the city of Charlotte. Why would you drive 2 days and not go to the main tourist city? Why would you drive 2 days and just eat at the same crappy local place you've already eaten at? Gah. 


The Princess had her 1st birthday party yesterday even though her birthday is not until Thursday. She got lots of clothes which is very good because her closet was starting to get a little sparse. I hope summer gets here soon. Real summer, not this 60-70 degree crap. She also got lots of musical instruments, including a harmonica, a recorder, another baby piano, and a real keyboard. She loves them all. She's a little musician--she just loves it all. She also got a little caterpillar rocker and will sit on it and smile as long as Mommy or Daddy is there to hold her. Speaking of which she let everyone hold her yesterday. MIL didn't try because she didn't want to be the only unsuccessful one. 

SkyWalker did very well for a 3 year old. He helped her unwrap her presents and showed her how to use a few of them. Of course the things he was most interested in are the toys he chose for her (including an Elmo doll he gave her in the store so she could put it right in her mouth forcing me to buy it). He's also pretty interested in the keyboard especially since it has a microphone attached and he can hear himself sing loud. 

There was another little one at the party as well. A cute little furry puppy dog. All of 10 weeks old. She was the cutest little thing. They always start out that way and then you open your eyes and they're eating poop in the backyard.

I finished the Princess's scrapbook last night. I had wanted it done for the party but the computer and then the printer had problems so I had to give up Friday night. But it's done now. Since I suck at actual scrapbooking it's more of a book of pictures with stickers and sayings and extra stuff thrown in. I do think it's funny that both of my children have surgery pages in their 1 year scrapbooks. 

I couldn't shake the feeling yesterday that something was missing. I kept thinking about the people who weren't there. Shinesalot and Littleman, and FIL. I suppose that's how special occasions will be now. Marred by a sense of loss. 

Yesterday morning SkyWalker said to me "This radio sucks, it won't play humpty dumpty!" Yup, that's my kid.

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