Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Not the facial kind but the get in the way of all your lofty plans kind. I've got some wrinkles.

I've been doing good decent ok with the new exercise regimen. The only exercise I've ever stuck with has been running, so doing anything other than running for more than a few times is pretty spectacular for me. I'm ready to profess my love for Jessica Smith and her quick workouts. The only thing I don't really like is the cardio routine on the DVD and that's more because I am so completely uncoordinated. It's okay for one session but now that I've added more, I just can't do two in a row. But luckily she adds routines to her youtube all the time and I've been able to find quick workouts for a little variety. I had to shift my running days so that I could have a true rest day with no obligations, instead of a rest day from exercise and a rest day from running and not having them be on the same day! The house is not as damaged as I thought it would be and aside from last week when I was fighting a cold and had a million things to do that kept me from home, I've been following my schedule pretty well.

And then yesterday happened.

I took Lightrunner to his 6 month checkup. And as I had feared and expected, he hasn't gained much weight in the last couple of months (he weighs 13 pounds, 9 ounces). He's grown longer so it's not a "failure to thrive" situation and he's clearly happy and healthy. He's just following in his siblings' skinny footsteps. We started cereal on Monday and I thought I would be chastised for waiting so long, but instead my pediatrician (who I love) was adamant about making sure that breastfeeding is his number one source of calories. She's afraid that his interest may wane now that cereal has been included in his diet. Luckily I spent so many wee morning hours pumping up a freezer supply so that I can mix his cereal with frozen pumped milk so he'll get some extra that way. But she also wants me to add an extra feeding and since neither one of us wants to disturb his 11-hour nights, that means I need to squeeze a 5th nursing in to our day. Just a few short months ago I did feed him 5 times a day, every 3 hours, and there was no problem. But as of late we've only been doing 4 times a day, every 4 hours, and he's been giving me glorious 2 hour naps (if we're home). Going back to every 3 hours is going to interfere with naps. Interfering with naps is going to interfere with EVERYTHING.


The good thing is that my ped is pro-breastfeeding and is not telling me to add formula or push him into pureed foods. The good thing is that he did gain SOME weight, he did grow, and he's bigger than SkyWalker was at 6 months. Anyone who sees him can see how well he is doing--he's not starving, he's got some good chub on his legs, and he is almost always smiling and happy. I just need to make sure he stays that way. I'm sure I'll come up with a good routine for us that will keep him fed and well rested and me exercised and stress-free.

And then he'll get his first tooth.

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