Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals but not the kind with nets and pucks (or balls)

Oh Time, how you fly. I keep meaning to post something here but I'm too busy living. Minutes, hours, days, they all blend into one. I blink and it's 2013 already.

Lightrunner is 5 months old and continues to be the source of light and joy in this house. We all hover about him like flies above a lamp hoping to get a bit of his luminescence. He smiles at everyone and even on his cranky days is just so happy. It's infectious. Impossible to ignore. He's been sleeping all night (11-12 hours) for quite some time now. I'm trying to hold out until 6 months for cereal. I think we'll make it. He tries his hardest to sit up when he's in his carseat or bouncy. He's never in one spot in his crib. I'm afraid he's going to be a mover.

The rest of the Jedi gang are doing well. Christmas break was not quite long enough. Vader took the whole week off and that was the best present I could have gotten... we played in the snow and watched movies and just had fun.

I'm taking the rest of this week to wrap up things that need to be done--badges on girl scout vests, mountains of laundry, etc--but next week my vacation is over. I have a 2 month exercise schedule (January/February) on the fridge, a combination of running and cross training (Jessica Smith's Thin in 10 routines), and once March hits I'm in 5K mode with a long plan culminating in getting me a PR by June. And then I focus on building my mileage and training for the half marathon in October. I got up to 9 miles before I got pregnant. I have no doubt that I can do the half (13.1) by October. I'll be down to just two nursing sessions by July (wake up and bedtime) so I can go out and run for 2 hours and not feel like I have to get back to feed or pump. I'm hoping all of the cross training I'll do will help.

My goal for 2012 was to just keep running. I've felt like I failed it because I stopped. But, in reality, I only stopped running for 4 months at the end of my pregnancy (a good reason to stop) and I started up again as soon as I could. So I'm going to say it was a win.

I'm keeping it relatively simple for 2013:

1. Run (at least) 3 times a week.
2. Cross train 6-7 days a week.
3. Run a 28 minute 5K in April. (pre pregnant PR is 27:35)
4. Run a 26 minute 5K in June.
5. Run the 10 mile Clove Run in August.
6. Run the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon in October.

Non running-related:

1. Read more books!
2. Fold and put the laundry away when it comes out of the dryer... not 3 days later.
3. To live life fully and spend my time doing the things I want to do.
4. To see more of the people who bring out the best in me and to return the favor by being a positive encouraging friend.

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Barb said...

Great goals! Except for the laundry goal - lol. I suppose that should be on my list, too!