Friday, April 13, 2007

Not hungry?

SkyWalker is eating yogurt right now. I have a half sub left from lunch and I am not hungry at all. I should be eating dinner but there just isn't enough space in me right now. I'm sure though that I will get hungry at the worst possible time.

Vader is at some retirement dinner and will be home late. The first time since Monday that he'll be home late. (he goes food shopping on Mondays so he's always late). He came home Monday and told me that he told his boss that he would not be staying late for the rest of my pregnancy. Not only is he not staying late, he's even earlier than before he started staying late... he's been home at 5:45 instead of his "on time" 6:10. Amazing. All I had to do was have a hysterical crying meltdown last Friday. He's also dropping SkyWalker off at daycare everyday now--his idea--which helps me out A LOT. So things are better.

I'm always talking about what I'm worried about in here so I decided to list the things I am not worried about:

1) The pushing part. I'm almost looking forward to it in a sick sort of way. I think I know what I'm doing now.
2) Breastfeeding. I know it will take longer than the 2 days in the hospital to get our rhythm. I'm not going to let them scare me when the baby doesn't latch right away or falls asleep. I know we can do it.
3) The dogs. They did such a great job when SkyWalker was a baby (and continue to do a great job with him). I'm not worried about them feeling left out or neglected. In fact they'll be thrilled because we'll be home all day!
4) SkyWalker. I know it won't be easy, but in general he is a very very good boy. He's very helpful and I think he's going to be a great big brother.
5) Pumping. Even though I won't have to do it as often as I did before, I'll still have to pump a little. I'm not worrying about amounts or anything really.
6) Changing diapers. I had never changed a diaper before SkyWalker. I was actually really worried about it. Not anymore. I've had plenty of practice.

My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow. I wish it was going to be longer but they're only coming for the day. It'll still be nice though.

I had my last Level 2 Ultrasound on Monday. We're up to 4 pounds, 15 ounces. Actually by today I'm sure it's over 5 pounds. That makes me laugh. SkyWalker was 5 lb. 7 oz at 36 weeks. So we're doing good. And the baby's lungs are working which is really good. If I do go early we may not need any NICU time. I got to see a little face and the most amazing thing was seeing its little tongue dart out and lick its arm. Not in a gross way--I think it was hungry and rooting and licking its lips and practicing... and the arm happened to be there. I also saw the big knee that has been hitting the crap out of me. And although I was very tempted I did not see any private bits.

Of course I'm starting to get hungry now. And SkyWalker is no longer eating, but watching a different fire truck movie (for the first time this week!). I wish I knew when Vader was coming home but all I know is late. Bah.

Oh--big news--SkyWalker put his own pants on the other day. On his legs. The right way. Pretty cool. He still prefers taking them off to putting them on, but we are one step closer to him getting himself dressed. :-)

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Bee said...

I'm so happy that you have so many things you're not worried about! I am sure there are more, but it feels good to list out some positive stuff every now and then, doesn't it?!? Congrats on the Vader development... I was recently told that Clark may be back into "mandatory overtime" again soon... Bah... I know how much it sucks to be home alone with the lunatic toddler -- I can't imagine being uncomfortably-big-pregnant at the same time... Sending you more positive vibes...