Sunday, April 29, 2007

The final countdown

I never really liked that song, but naturally it's in my head constantly now. That and for some reason Queen's "I want to break free". I'm thinking the latter is not really coming from *my* head though.

I am 36 weeks today. Officially more pregnant than I've ever been before. Although this weekend has been somewhat iffy. The cramping I've been feeling for  the last month has intensified and leaves me a little light headed. The BH contractions seem to be more frequent. And I just feel like *shit*. I spent most of today in bed. I have a feeling it's going to be soon, but of course 4 weeks from now could be considered "soon."

I still have pink eye and my left eye is tearing so bad that right underneath it the skin is getting sore and chapped. I'm putting aquaphor on it. It spread to my right eye but it's not so bad because I've been using the drops in both eyes since I got them. I would really REALLY like to be done with this pink eye crap. At least it's taught me that I can't think of my glasses as something just to wear in the morning when I'm peeing. I have to be prepared to wear them at any time. Which means updating the damn prescription. And I think I'll get the lens darkening thing so it doesn't hurt quite so bad in the sun.

Vader has been doing very well taking care of SkyWalker this weekend while I've been under duress. Unfortunately he's got a crapload of things to do. He's taking the plow off the tractor now so he can put the mower deck on. No easy thing to do. I really wish we lived a little closer to some place that delivers food because I don't think either one of us really wants to cook, or go pick something up. I don't even know if we have food in the house. Vader has taken care of dinner the last 2 nights. There's only so much spaghetti I can have.

SkyWalker has been quite funny too, which makes things a little easier. I was laying on the couch yesterday and he walks up to me wearing his firehat, Vader's big goggles on his arms (I don't know why Vader has goggles, or two of them), and two mismatched gloves of Vader's that SkyWalker called his "mitts". He then said "Bye Mommy! Bye-bye Mommy. I'm going to work."  He gets in his little car and drives off into the kitchen. It was hilarious. I don't know what kind of work requires him to wear goggles on his arms but whatever. It was funny.

Time for the drops again, At least the drops are much much better than the ointment. I will never use that stuff again.

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Bee said...

SkyWalker is freakin' hilarious!

medlibrarygirl said...

Congrats on making it farther than last time!That song makes me think of Gob on Arrested Development. :)

bookishbiker said...

PHEW. You made it to 36 weeks. Any more cooking you can do is all bonus work. That baby is pretty much ready! I hope it's soon, now that it's safe to hope that.

readingjag said...

36 weeks is freaking great! Yay! Babies!

ayanna said...

yay, 36 weeks! i know what you mean about feeling crappy, tho'. naps are good. not doing anything is good. just gestating is enough to take it out of you. (i wish i could send you delivery food through the interwebs, tho'.)and i am now having flashbacks to playing "final countdown" in the high school football pep band -- eek! too many green satin jackets blinding me!